b'PASSENGER TRANSPORTISP 39and New York Citys Penn Station as well as new service to GrandPHOTO: MEGAN GILMANCentral Station by the end of this year.The new Ground Transportation Center and a potential connection with the Long Island Rail system represent significant competitive advantages for ISP, Schneider points out. We believe we could significantly grow our catchment area based on improvements to what is already a superior customer experience, he adds. In a sense, the sky is not the limit for the airport. There are plans for intermodal changes, and officials from the airport and within local government have long discussed a massive redevelopment plan near the airport that would include a sports and entertainment center, a convention center, a hotel, offices and, again, a direct connection between the rail system, those attractions and a new terminal at ISP. While there is no timetable for approval of the development concept, the issue is progressingThe new Ground Transportation Centerlocally and at the airport.is just 250 feet from the terminal. For now, the Ground Transportation Center is ISPs new showpieceand a tangible sign of change at the rapidly evolvingShe and other airport officials firmly believe that an enhanced airport. Its unique for an airport of this size to have somethinglevel of service, combined with changes in the works at and near like the GTC and to offer customers this level of service, LaRose- ISP, will only lead to growth. As Schneider adds, We havent Arken points out.reached our potential yet.Full Integration with the Power of IntegrityINTEGRATING YOUR CONSTRUCTION PLANS WITH INTEGRITYThe most important step in data lifecycle processHOW TO INTEGRATE ACTIONABLE DATA WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?is integration. It is critical that there is a reliableData is only useful if it is timely and actionable.With MySmartPlans, all your project data can be system in place to fulfill all your project informationModern organizations and construction projectsaggregated in real-time, the minute we receive needs as your organization or project evolves. are drowning in data but starving for information.it so you can make actionable decisions with actionable data. We ensure all stakeholders have WHAT IS DATA INTEGRITY? HOW CAN THE PROJECT TEAM BENEFIT? the information they need in one consolidated Data integrity refers to the accuracy, reliability,Having a robust and secure system in placeand secure location. MySmartPlans is the only and consistency of stored data over its entireto store all your project information, all teamsolution to collecting project data completely lifecycle.members on a project can collaborate onand accurately as a master data management objectives and accomplish tasks on time.software-as-a-service.WHY IS INTEGRATION IMPORTANT? Additionally, having your data audit-ready will We must understand that data is dynamic andultimately save the two most important things to may not necessarily be suited for an Excela project: time and money.spreadsheet or Access relational database that we all know and love. MYSMARTPLANS.COM|shelley@mysmartplans.com|816.479.0261AirportImprovement.comJuly | August 2022'