b'46 OKC TERMINALSLavi consequently created a common grid structure throughoutAssistant Airport Director Scott Keith the checkpoint space. This allowed OKC to replace lane beltsexplains that OKC receives a lot of diversions, with panels that airport personnel can easily move to shorten orespecially from Dallas Fort Worth International elongate sections of the queue as needed. The clear panels alsoAirport, and many are international flights that add physical barriers designed to prevent the spread of COVIDsometimes need to deplane. Weve never and other contagious diseases.had a good spot to do that, Keith remarks. Kuklin notes that OKC can repurpose its Queue Guard panelsUntil the full Customs and Immigration facility for marketing or wayfinding signage (if or when a protective barrieris complete, the airport will take internationalSCOTT KEITHis no longer needed) without having to purchase additional pieces.passengers to a separate holdroom in the Lavi integrated emergency egress points throughout the queuelower level of the new concourse.with Emergency Breakaway Belts. The company also worked withA special feature added to the non-OKC to create branded, color-coded wayfinding signage using itssecure portion of the terminal expansion Edge Tower system.is an observation mezzanine that allows passengers and the public to watch the Additional Gates and Amenities airfield traffic. The airport had a similar The new expansion could have simply addressed the airports twoobservation deck years ago, and the project major needs: increased checkpoint capacity and additional gates.team wanted to bring the popular conceptRYAN MANNINGHowever, OKC broadened discussions during the design andback. Anybody thats out on the streets can planning stages to consider other desirable features. That led tojust walk in and go upstairs and sit and watch planes come in and earmarking space for a future Customs and Immigration area andout of the airport, says Ryan Manning, senior project manager at adding a gate specifically to accommodate international flights.Timberlake Construction. Three of the four new gates in the East Concourse are currentlyJenkinson notes that reinventing the observation deck in a leased to Delta Air Lines. The fourth was designed as an airportpost-9/11 environment posed an interesting challenge. We had gate for widebody aircraft, with a separate vestibule for passengersa terrific opportunity to invite the public back to airports to get boarding and deplaning from international flights.close to aircraft operations and view secure environments, which IS YOUR BUSINESS IMAGEEVERYTHING IT COULD BE?Faster, Greener, Cleaner The Cyclone DifferenceFaster!Within the Cyclone head, up to 24 sapphire-tipped spray les, mounted to high sped rotating arms, blast the surface with noz ure water in a swirling vortex at 140 mphequivalent to a category 4 cyclone. As the surface is being cleaned, and deposits removed, ultra-high presthe multi-patented Cyclone simultaneously recovers the waste waterwith no vacuum.Greener!Cyclone Technologys advanced design utilizes up to 50% les fresh water with 20% lower fuel consumption while 95% of wastewater is recovered instantly. The on-board waste tank separates solid waste through a 160 micron biodegradable liner. The entire process uses only fresh waterno chemicals!ure water blastingBefore and After. CY210 is The combination of ultra-high preswith the Cyclone vortex provides exceptional cleaning while causingshown in this ilustration. Cleaner!no damage to your surface.CY210 Behind for areas requiringithWalk- R50 verabilit s. y; used wmore maneu 0 or other trailers that the T met requirementBecker 505 specializes in marketing and design for the aviation industry. Let us create your corporate identity, TR5500 ed with the CY210 its ideal When us bs and hard to reach areas. for small jo 1/16/15 4:31 PMadvertisements and marketing campaigns so you can get PerviousAd_V5.indd 2back to what you do bestrunning your business!CALL OR EMAIL US TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE AND CONSULTATIONINFO@BECKER505.COM|608.205.2788|BECKER505.COMJuly | August 2022AirportImprovement.com'