b"The new facility provides faster and easier airfield access forEMERGENCY RESPONSEEWN 35emergency response crews.An Akrochem nozzle on the trucks front-bumper turret discharges water, foam and dry chemicals simultaneously, or just water and foam together. The nozzle discharges the water and foam in a bell-like pattern, which allows the dry chemical powder to go through the middle, Jones says. Since its encapsulated in the stream, its more accurately applied to a fire.'When used in conjunction with the Rhino turret, it provides the operator with better visibility while discharging material.The truck also features a larger windshield and roughly 30%interacts with it, he says. The cab is designed like a cockpit so more overall window area compared to previous-generationone driver can operate the vehicle and its firefighting functions.vehicles. This increases operator visibility and boosts situational awareness, he adds.The airport is keeping its older E-ONE vehicle as a backup in A feature called ECOLOGIC allows ARFF personnel to usecase the new unit would ever break down. Before, EWN had to water instead of firefighting foam to perform required tests thatrely on off-site mutual support for its contingency plan. determine if nozzles are discharging the proper mix of foamOverall, Shorter and other airport executives are pleased and water. That prevents airports from wasting foam for non- with how the new building and vehicle have bolstered EWNs firefighting purposes and is better for the environment, Jonesfirefighting and emergency response capabilities.points out.Were very happy with how it all turned out, Shorter says. Its really a highly technical vehicle in terms of how it performs,Its such a monumental leap forward for our airport. It would be yet its intuitive and ergonomic in the way the driver/operatorvery hard to be unhappy about it. Delivering solutions from land to sky, concept to completionFrom planning and design to program management, Pond is well-equipped to get your project off the ground. Thatsthe powerpondco.com/aviationof Pond.AirportImprovement.comJuly | August 2022"