b'TERMINALSMCO 11Full-size artificial trees and other Central Florida references foster sense of place inside the new terminal. them, feel themexperience the differences in flora, fauna, food, activities. Those differences excite us all to travel, and theTransforming Airportairport is often the first and last thing you see of the region. CommunicationFollowing that principle, designers incorporated visual cues in the flooring of Terminal Cs international arrivals hall, which is named The Springs. The design of the terrazzo represents Floridas artesian springs and includes fish, lilies, turtles, garfish and palm and cypress trees. The Springs and Palm Court in the airside concourse both feature Forever Treesrealistic, full-size artificial trees created from parts of live trees that were preserved and reassembled. They look and feel real, but dont require staff to water or trim them, Brooks explains. The Forever Trees and a variety of live potted plants throughout the facility really let folks know theyve arrived in Orlando, he adds. In total, the new terminal has 42 Forever Trees, ranging in height from 18 feet to 50 feet. Naturally, designersSchedule a 30-minute info session!selected a mix of regional varietiesRoyal Palms, Sabal Palms, Date Palms,synectmedia.com/paxWashingtonian Palms and Bald Cypress. AirportImprovement.comJuly | August 2022'