b'MARKETINGGSP 63but you may have a need in the future. WeNewman handles booking guests and recording, editing want GSP to be your airport of choice for theand uploading content to Buzzsprout. It then uploads the region. segments to podcast directories on Apple, Google, Spotify, etc. Newman conducts nearly all of the interviews in person; most Immediate Popularitytake about 30 to 60 minutes. After each interview, she edits the The podcast is produced and hosted byconversation down to about 15 minutes. The shortest podcast the airports communications manager,she has produced is 12 minutes. The longest, 1 hours, features Michelle Newman. In the beginning, NewmanMICHELLE NEWMAN an interview with a local historian who grew up near the small developed about a dozen podcasts eachfarming community that once occupied the land GSP now calls quarter and released all of them at the same time, like the formathome. The podcast featuring his insights about the history of the some streaming services use for television series. But interest wasregion is the most popular episode to date. It narrowly beat out an so strong that GSP switched to a weekly format last October. Now,episode about airport snow removal.a new episode drops every Wednesday evening. Newman uses a Blue Yeti microphone and edits with Adobe Listeners can access them on the airport website and throughAudition. She estimates each podcast takes about two hours of about 20 directories, including major outlets such as Appleediting and uploading, in addition to her interviewing and travel time.Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify. Like social media posts, the strength of each podcast lies in forwards and likes becausePositive Feedbackthey create additional exposure among people who might notBuzzsprout and the major directories provide GSP with data otherwise look at GSPs website. about its podcast. Each platform has its own tracking abilities, and Content for the podcasts is guided by two objectives: reachingstatistics are aggregated through Buzzsprout. This provides the local residents who want a little more information about the airportairport with information about where listeners are from and which or region, and connecting with visitors who are coming to the areaplatforms have the most downloads.for business or pleasure. Although Newman suspected Carolina Traveler would be Carr notes that only 40% of the podcasts regular listeners arepopular, she has been amazed by just how popular it has based in Upstate South Carolina. We think thats interesting,become. When we started doing the podcasts, the pandemic because it appears were connecting with folks looking forwas at its peak; so marketing the airport and travel was very inbound travel, he remarks. Were reaching individuals whodifficult, she recalls. We wanted to find a way to continue talking might be coming into the area to spend a long weekend orabout travel and continue reaching our customers. Podcasts were vacation and are looking for things to do while here. a really fun way to speak directly with our audiences, and weve gotten a lot of really great feedback.Multiple Headliners Carr notes that the airport has a lot of ideas in the pipeline for From the beginning, GSP knew it didnt want Carolina Travelerfuture podcasts and doesnt think it will ever run out of topics to be only about the airport. If we do a behind-the-scenes lookto cover. Were always doing something new at the airport, at airport operations on the podcast, its super-interesting for thehe remarks. In some ways, the Carolina Traveler podcast is an audience of aviation people, says Newman. But we wantedextension of our newsletter. Its just a different format and a different people interested in travel and tourism to also be our audience. Soway to communicate with travelers and our wider audience.we knew we wanted two audiencesthose coming into GSP forAs long as the podcasts remain relevant, GSP plans to the very first time as well as those who live in the area who mightcontinue producing them. We try to always be on the leading be looking for some of the hidden gems in their own backyard. edge of the industry, says Carr. We want to be a leader in both Podcast topics have included how the airport attracts newthe airport sector and the travel industry. Were always trying air service, how it handles snow removal during winter stormsto do something unique, something innovative and something and interviews with GSP President/Chief Executive Officer Davedifferent from other airports to set ourselves apart. Edwards. Non-airport installments have covered the South Carolina Comicon convention and a popular local festival called Fall for Greenville. One podcast that effectively straddled both categories was about a local middle school band that plays at the airport during the holidays. Most of the podcast subjects evolve from community involvement by airport staff or suggestions from guests. Other ideas have come from networking events with the local Chamber of Commerce or economic developmentPlanningDELTA AIRPORT Engineeringassociation where the airport is involved, NewmanCONSULTANTS, INC. Environmentaladds. Also, I have been a long-time resident of UpstateIndustry Analysiswww.deltaairport.com Program ManagementSouth Carolina, so I am familiar with a lot of topics that Construction Administrationmight interest others. Business & Financial PlanningAirportImprovement.comJuly | August 2022'