b'Clear queue panels from Lavi Industries provide germ barriers for TERMINALSOKC 49passengers without obscuring views of the floor mosaic. Insight and Advice with a really good plan and make sure you work that plan, he The project team encountered somesuggests.surprises regarding the logistics of attachingMulder notes the importance of preparing customers for a new concourse to OKCs existing terminalchanges in traffic flow and directing them to and through structurefor instance, the floor elevationsnew facilities. People have been used to going to the same of the existing terminal did not match thecheckpoints for years, and they still show up at the same construction plans that were developed fromlocation, he explains. You have to be ready to tweak the as-built drawings. Foundations were startedJOHN STORMS signage once the space opens because you just cant anticipate and drilled piers were going in when theit all. discrepancy was discovered, says OKC Manager of Planning andAfter opening the new East Concourse in September 2021, Development John Storms.Mulder says theres nothing like being out in the facility to watch Do in-depth investigation on the building youre going towhere bottlenecks occur and learn where people are getting hook onto before you start, Keith advises. That cost us somelost.dollars and some time.Looking ahead, Timbrook says that its vital to safeguard Project challenges do arise, but we work closely andfuture operations because technology changes very quickly. proactively with our project partners and client to find solutionsDont rush the planning and programming process, he that fit within the budget and timeline, Jenkinson adds. remarks. It really is important to take your time making sure that Working with a third-party owner representative or programyou understand everything.manager was a big plus, notes Storms. They can take up someThe rest of this stuff is easy to solve, Timbrook adds. But if of your issues and try to work them out and come back to youyou dont know where youre going, its so hard to get there. with solutions, he says. Timbrook also believes its important to incorporate local Manning emphasizes the role of effective phasing andcomponents, especially in small or regional airports. At OKC, construction scheduling, especially when areas need to belocal stone and the terrazzo mosaic both make it clear to visitors shut down for demolition and remodeling. Upfront, come upthat theyre in Oklahoma City. AirportImprovement.comJuly | August 2022'