b'16 MCO TERMINALSKimley-Horn designed the Terminal C airfield. Throughout theexplains that the expansion will allow future massive program, the firm has designed almost 6 million squaredevelopment of up to 80% of impervious feet of airfield pavement. The scope includes more than 130space within a 1,074-acre drainage basin. acres of apron and taxiway pavements, plus pavement markings,Soil from the embankment around the lake sanitary sewer work, a fire hydrant loop, drainage systems, awas used as backfill for the terminal site, roadway system and security fencing. An interloop taxi lane allowswhich reduced emissions and lowered the for dual ADG III operations or single ADG VI aircraft operations. project cost by eliminating the need to import As originally designed, the airfield included two remainfill material, notes Martin. JON MARTINovernight parking areas with 400Hz power, fiber optics for data, and potable water. One of the parking areas was removed duringAirport-Wide Sustainability a value engineering effort, but the area is reserved to add it backMany design elements of Terminal C target LEED v4 certification. in the future. The airfield design includes a jet fuel system withThe various components address eight key areas: resiliency; fueling hydrants for aircraft, with upgrades to the existing fuelrenewables; energy efficiency; water efficiency; emissions; farm pump system. Plans also include a remote ground servicematerials; indoor air quality; and environmental, social and equipment facility to service luggage tugs and waste/blue watergovernance. The U.S. Green Building Council says that the v4 disposal systems. version of its LEED system is designed to allow more flexibility, with a performance-based approach that calls for measurable results The secure road for the airport operations area was relocatedthroughout a buildings lifecycle.to accommodate the apron and new taxiways/taxi lanes and a new perimeter security fence for the active operations area. AAs an entire North and South Terminal campus, its the first checkpoint gate for standard and emergency vehicles with securein the world to promote that level of airport-wide sustainability access credentials was added as well.across an entire airport campus, Brooks emphasizes. Kimley-Horn also provided planning, design, permitting andOriginal design criteria for the project included the directive for construction phasing services for the Lake Gillooly Expansionpartners to be environmentally responsive because the water on project, which expands a 33-acre lake on the airport grounds tothe nearly 12,000-acre airport flows into the headwaters for South 50 acres. Jon Martin, a senior vice president with Kimley-Horn,Floridas Everglades.Specific measures implemented in the design and construction phases of Terminal C include a targeted 35% reduction in potable water use through efficient fixtures, faucets and equipment. The target for reducing energy costs is 25% reduction, with a focus on the thermal performance of the buildings envelope, and an optimally designed heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system. Sustainability efforts also include the installation of a floating solar array in the retention pond near the entrance of Parking Garage C. It is considered a first step in evaluating the use of renewable energy elsewhere on the airport campus. Big-Picture Benefits MORE THAN A CONSULTANT Thibault notes that MCOs new Terminal C will increase the airports A longtime partner of Orlando International Airportoverall capacity by up to 12 million annual passengers. And were and the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority already seeing trends and data points that tell us that its probably still not enough, he adds. The demand for this airport is already beckoning to add more gates in this new terminal.The Aviation Authority is already underway with expanding Terminal C by four gates because the foundations were laid prior to the pandemic-induced scope reduction. When demand ENGINEERS & PLANNERS dictates, Terminal C will be built out to a full 60 gates. Further plans call for another 60 gates at a future Terminal D in the South Terminal Complex. 1-888-AVCON-99 | avconinc.com More information about the baggage handling system in MCOs South Terminal C is available in the May/June 2022 issue of Airport Improvement magazine. July | August 2022AirportImprovement.com'