b"EMERGENCY RESPONSEEWN 33We consider this a transformational facility that increases theClassical Yet Modernlevel of safety and training at the airport for firefighters, which inFrom a practical standpoint, project architects focused on turn increases the safety of passengers, Shorter emphasizes.enhancing functionality and optimizing the available space. From a Even though the airport always met FAA safety standards anddesign perspective, they strove to create an updated version of the passed all inspections, the former facilities were not optimized forterminals existing architecture.efficiency.Travis Pence, a partner at The Wilson But now, weve created a consolidated facility that literallyGroup Architects, describes the result as increases the safety and efficiency for firefighters and, ultimately,a striking, almost airy structure. Notable for the traveling public, Shorter notes. architectural flourishes include large, arched Located in New Bern, NC, the non-hub commercial airport iswindows atop modern glass doors on the a gateway to the Outer Banks and the Crystal Coastpopularapparatus bays. tourist destinations because they are composed of barrier islands.We wanted to create a classical, yetTRAVIS PENCELast year, EWN served approximately 175,000 passengers.updated and welcoming, look for the building, Pence explains. We also designed a layout with the administration portion of the Room for Improvements building as close to the terminal as possible, and the apparatus Along with improving response capabilities and efficiency, thebay as close to airfield as we could.consolidated ARFF operations create room to expand the terminalIn addition, we wanted a very straight-forward, logical because some operations were previously housed there. Shortercirculation plan inside the building, he continues. So the corridors estimates that the 1991 terminal will gain about 25% more squarethat lead from the main entry to the bays are short and direct.footage, and about half will be retrofitted. Construction is expectedThe building features energy-efficient LED lighting; automated to begin in late summer 2022 and finished in 2024.lighting controls, also for energy efficiency; a natural gas backup The project will feature modest improvements, he specifies. Itgenerator; and hurricane-rated windows and doors. Four sets of wont be a Taj Mahal. high-speed, glazed-glass folding doors on the landside and airside The plans include redesigning a TSA checkpoint that had beenenable vehicles to depart faster. shoehorned into the terminal and expanding the passenger holdroom, he says. Shorter notes that the current holdroom can accommodate about 90 passengers, whichSWEEP YOUR AIRFIELDpresents challenges when two smaller jets with 65 to 75 passengers each arrive at the same time.BETTER, FASTER, SAFERConstruction of the new ARFF building began in September 2020 and finished slightlyTHE FOD*BOSS AIRFIELD SWEEPER IS THE CURE FOR under-budget and a little ahead of schedule FOREIGN OBJECT DAMAGE TO AIRCRAFT, GUARANTEED.the following November. The building includes Unbeatable performanceEfficient and fast, up to 35 mphroughly 4,100 square feet of office space Removes rocks, nuts & bolts, luggage Works on all surfacesand about 4,300 square feet for apparatus hardware, and sandLow cost, portable, and reliableenough for two firefighting vehicles. No motors, vacuums, or magnetsMaintenance freeFacility features include a training room, a Sweep widths 8', 16', & 24'10 year guaranteekitchen/eating area, a decontamination room and two dorm rooms.We dont have 24-hour-a-day air service that requires continuous duty sections, Shorter says. But sometimes we have snow storms or other things that require our personnel to stay overnight and utilize the dorms.The training room is outfitted with electrical outlets and information technology infrastructure so it can be reconfigured into an operations command center if the community ever needs a secondary or tertiary location during a natural disaster. So it adds to the overall resilience of the area, ShorterContact us to arrange a demonstration and see for yourself what makes our sweepertruly exceptional at fodboss@aerosweep.com or visit www.fodboss.comcomments.The FOD*BOSS system is subject to patents and or patent applications.AirportImprovement.comJuly | August 2022"