b'TERMINALSOKC 47we solved through design, he explains. A graceful and secureAs attractive as the seating and other new interior elements observation deck now floats above the town square, givingare, the aesthetic star of the terminal expansion is a terrazzo everyone a chance to experience the joys of flight. floor mosaic. Personnel from FSB Architects + Engineers, Mulder notes that adding the pre-security observation areaHOK and the airport worked with artist Matt Goad, who was a priority of his predecessor, Mark Kranenburg. Thats acreated OKConnected to showcase the local and state culture. part of this addition that the public can access for a great view ofGoads striking artwork includes images of airport namesake the airfield, Mulder explains. It really goes back to what manyWill Rogers, the 1996 bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal airports used to havefamilies and kids and school groups canBuilding, Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma and regional industry and come out and look at the airfield. agriculture. Youll see something new every time you come through because the mosaic is so vast, Keith comments. It is Other terminal upgrades include more spacious restroomstruly something unique. with natural daylight, and new concessions operated by Paradies Lagardre. A Tripadvisor store and three food and beverageAirport officials instructed Lavi Industries to maintain the options (Vino Volo wine bar/restaurant, Freddys Frozen Custardintegrity and visibility of the artwork integrated into the terrazzo and Steakburgers and Starbucks) opened last fall. Tropicalflooring when outfitting the new checkpoint with queue panels Smoothie was added this March, and more new concessions areand other accessories. The mosaic was a very important aspect scheduled to come online this year, including Tin Lizzis, Osteria,of the terminal remodel, notes Kuklin.Plenty Mercantile, Hatch Early Morning Food and others. Layout and DesignThe design team specified a variety of seating options andWhen the airports last master plan was created in the early 2000s, tables with built-in power to make it easy for guests to charge theirit included provisions to add a new concourse on the east side portable electronics. Products supplied by Agati and Kusch includeof the terminal by essentially duplicating the existing concourse swiveling chairs with high backrests, beam seating for holdrooms,on the west. But after reviewing the plan, architects determined and loungers positioned in front of windows to encourage relaxation. AirportImprovement.comJuly | August 2022'