b'12 MCO TERMINALSStriking Visual Impactlow-voltage information technology The project team leveraged digital multimediacommunications systems in Terminal C.technology to further add to the elevatedIntegrating multimedia systems directly passenger experience and reinforce the senseinto the architecture refines and amplifies of place in Terminal C. GOAA is very forward- the passenger experience, notes Matthew thinking in terms of technology and its impactMeier, the firms special projects manager for to the passenger, says Greg Spence, projectTerminal C. In short, the Burns teams goal manager with Burns Engineering. That showsGREG SPENCE was to use technology to help make the newMATTHEW MEIERthroughout the building and its amenities.terminal an iconic destination for travelers. Recognizing the importance of technology-systems design,Bringing the technology elements to life with content is the Aviation Authority contracted directly with Burns for thewhere the magic happens and how we bring the whole Orlando Experience to life in the building, says Meier. Most of the impact is delivered via three Technicallyimmersive, experiential media elements that display dynamic digital content. It Specialized gives passengers another experience of connectivity, Thibault says. It gives them a transformative view of Florida. Burns collaborated with MCO executive management to develop concepts for the three huge features, and with HNTB to integrate the digital displays with the terminals artwork and passenger flow. That part took a lot of coordination to integrate technology with Meets the facility to make sure it was well thought out, Spence says. Each of the three giant multimedia features has a different identity/mission:The Portal is a three-story gateway in the arrivals hall that includes 32 custom curved screens suspended in a steel helix frame. Because the array spans multiple levels, the view/experience varies according to where guests are. Synchronized 12K video Strategicallycontent about Central Florida plays on the Credit: screens. The content chronicles the areas GOAA Driven transformation from natural springs and ranchlands, to the dawn of Disney World, space exploration at Cape Canaveral and the At the intersection of specialized, technicalcurrent bounty of entertainment opportunities. In a sense, its whetting the appetite to come expertise and strategically driven solutions. back for more, Thibault says.Burns will meet you there. Windows on Orlando is comprised of three side-by-side panoramic screens that Burns is proud to support Orlando International Airport,are 30 feet high and 90 feet long that show raising the standard for innovative passenger experiences. video scenes from quintessential Central Florida locations. Content includes a rocket launch sequence filmed in the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center, and an afternoon ride under open skies with cowhands rounding up cattle at the Deseret Ranch in St. Cloud. Its really about burns-group.com providing passengers an opportunity to see July | August 2022AirportImprovement.com'