b'TERMINALSMCO 13what they are going to experience once they arrive in Florida. Or, ifRan explains that the company designs systems to help reduce they are departing, what they missed and why they should want totraveling stress, increase airport capacity and affect passenger come back, Thibault says.behavior. This was a big undertaking, Ran reflects. On the secure side of the terminal, The Moment Vault inIn addition to the attention-grabbing experiential displays, there Palm Court engages visitors with interactive animated content.are more than 845 displays in the new terminal to guide and The colors are unbelievable, Thibault says of the 360-degreeinform passengers. Information about amenities, wayfinding and immersive digital experience that places visitors silhouettesflight information is readily available throughout the entire complex, directly within the animated scenes.Spence notesTogether, the three large-scale digital video presentations createLike the airports North Terminal, the new Terminal C uses a strong impression. All of this is about the customer experienceSynects Passenger360 visual communication platform, which and making sure that when visitors are here, they can go back andmanages and controls communication content and displays tell others they had a great experience, Thibault explains. at key touch points of the passenger journey. It integrates with We brought that wow factor into this facility with experientialMCOs other operations-oriented systems to automatically update media features, Arteaga adds. Everywhere you go is Wow!messaging and information based on real-time airport activity, Thats amazing! flight schedules and other triggers.Passenger360 blends many layers of content, including airport/Dynamic Info Displays airline branding, internal messaging campaigns, holiday/seasonal Beyond pure entertainment, Terminal C alsogreetings, flight schedules and updates, wayfinding information, leverages high-tech displays for informationalemergency messaging, walk and wait times, security instructions, purposes. Synect was hired for its expertisepassenger processing cues, bag claim information and terminal-in passenger communication and digital visualwide announcements. Much of the content is dynamic and, in the systems. Synect Chief Executive Officer YahavYAHAV RAN future, key messages could be displayed in multiple languages. It REINVENTING THE TRAVELER EXPERIENCEDirect view LED provides a dynamic canvas that helps travelers adopt new technologyfor self check-in and wayfinding guidance from arrival to departure.DAKTRONICS.COM/AIRPORTSAirportImprovement.comJuly | August 2022'