b'56 MHS RUNWAYSIn addition to a fresh surface, Runway 14-32 at MHS nownewly reconstructed runway is expected to help attract more has edge stripes. Previously, pilots struggled to see wheretraffic to MHS. And more traffic will help poise the airport for the runway ended and the infield began because the runwayadditional growth in the future, notes Hildebrandt.shoulders were made of asphalt millings. Now, shoulder stripingJust having the construction here was a boon to the area, makes the runway edge more obvious, and pilots no longerFord adds. Siskiyou is one of the poorest counties in the state have to rely solely on the centerline for important positionalof California. The airport gets the primary result of having a references.wonderful runway surface, and then the entire area experiences Due to surrounding hills and trees, MHSincreased tourism. So it benefits all the way around.was previously a very challenging airport toLooking ahead, MHS officials hope that a proposed taxiway land at in the dark. During its recent rehabsystem project will be next for the airport. Michaelsen reports project, the airport replaced the runwaysthat designers are already working on a north end taxiway. aging electrical light system with newOnce it is funded and built, a south end taxiway project could reflectors. So its more for just daytimefollow and possibly an FBO with fuel service after that. With the use, says Kevin Fix, project engineer withairports new runway and the citys proximity to the I-5 corridor, Kimley-Horn. However, you can land atKEVIN FIX Dunsmuir is poised for growth, he comments. night because you can see the reflectors three miles away.The runway is certainly a long-awaited improvement, Ford adds. Its been much more than 20 years since it had been Compounding Benefits tended to. In addition to enhancing safety for general aviation users and providing a strategic location to stage firefighting aircraft, the AIRPORT PROJECTS. WEVE GOT YOU COVERED NEW LED TECHNOLOGYRUNWAY CLOSURE MARKERSLONG LASTING LED | FAA CERTIFIED | MADE IN AMERICA Low Profile Barricade No Tools NeededRunway Closure Markers800.525.8876 | SHERWININDUSTRIESINC.COMJuly | August 2022AirportImprovement.com'