b"42 TVC OPERATIONSThe Future The new hangar will be owned by Avflight and located on As expected, the recent governance change is affording TVC moreadditional land it is leasing from the airport. The hangar is flexibility for making capital improvements. expected to be completed in 2023.Klein cites two ongoing infrastructure projects to demonstrateThe airports own projects will benefit from the new governance the favorable differences: a new general aviation hangar and astructure as well. Currently, it is nearly doubling the capacity of its parking lot expansion. long-term parking lot by adding 424 spots to the existing 1,000 existing spaces. Avflight, the airports privately operated FBO, began construction this spring on a 15,000-square-foot hangar withIf TVC were still managed by the airport commission, it would capacity for two corporate aircraft. They were able to workhave had to obtain land use and soil permits from the city for the through the details at the airport level without going to the twoexpansion, and then undergo a variety of engineering inspections. counties as before, says Klein. Now, it is our project and we can proceed without the permits Airport Improvement Ad (Feb '22).ai 3 1/3/2022 11:51:53 AM and do all the inspections in-house, says Klein.The $2.1 million project was approved last November, just after the new airport authority took control. Klein expects the parking project to be complete by June 1.We Further on the horizon is a 10-gate terminal expansion. Currently, TVC has six gates with Understand five jet bridges. Based on current passenger volume, Klein says the airport needs 11 gates. And in 10 years, it will need 15.Each Airport is Last year, the airport served 602,626 total passengersa record high. Its previous Unique record was in 2019 with 579,712 passengers. Much of the airports volume is logged in summer, when tourists fly in to enjoy area Your goals and vision are front andbeaches, wineries and golf courses. A center as we help you plan for yourweeklong National Cherry Festival in July, current and future aviation needs. Werewhich includes an air show at TVC, typically passionate about keeping airportsdraws 750,000 people. We have a lot of viable, so they can connect communitiesvisitors flying in for our events, Klein remarks.forgenerations to come. A planning study by Mead & Hunt recommends expanding the terminal in two phases to accommodate future traffic increases. The first phase would add five gates at an estimated cost of $100 million. The second would add five more for a projected $120 million. Klein anticipates completing the financing plan and environmental assessment for the terminal expansion next year. If the design is finished in 2024 as scheduled, construction could begin in 2025.The airports new authority structure will definitely expedite the permitting process for www.meadhunt.com the large program, he adds. When managed by a commission, TVC was required to get county approvals for such projects. Now, the authority will provide courtesy presentations to keep county officials informed. Experience. Exceptional. More Incentives AvailableAir service development has been a key focus July | August 2022AirportImprovement.com"