b'BAGGAGEPHX 23Other features that contribute theto the design team to make sure each concourses impressive whole include asolution was vetted before we went too diverse collection of restaurants and retailfar down that path, Moon continues. As shops, popular passenger amenities suchthey would come up with solutions, we as charging stations and a common-usehad our design phase service team pricing lounge, and a new connector bridge toall of those options in real time. It was the north concourses in Terminal 4.amazing how the teams worked together.The original plan called for a full Unsung Hero basement underneath the new concourse But back to the baggage system. Into house the TSA explosives detection general, baggage handling systems usuallysystem (EDS) equipment and conveyors. go unnoticed by travelers until they dontBut the construction management-at-risk work as designed. This quiet hero aspectmodel made it reasonable to explore other suits the key decision-makers in the PHXpossible solutions.Terminal 4 project just fine. They pored over design and model options carefully,We tried options where we would add intent on creating a baggage handlinga supplemental baggage handling system system that provides passengers onlyto their existing one on the other side of positive reasons to take notice. the terminalwe tried a new one that would potentially be underground between For the overall concourse project, PHXthe two concoursesand we tried one entered a construction management- that would be in at-risk contract with general contractorexisting space in the McCarthy Building Companies. DesignSouth 2 Concourse, was handled by a joint venture ofrecalls Asher David, Detroit-based SmithGroup and Corgan,associate director an architectural firm with extensivefor BNP Associates experience in the aviation industry. in Denver. We Because PHX is owned and operateddeveloped high-level by the city of Phoenix, the City Councilconcepts for each ofASHER DAVIDhad to approve construction of the eight- them.gate concourse. The airport secured thatAfter comparing cost, functionality, approval in October 2016, and enablingpotential disruption of the existing system projects began in 2019. Airport officials,during construction, and other pros and working closely with project leads fromcons, it was clear that the best option McCarthy and baggage system designerwas to build an entirely new system in BNP Associates, determined that the bestthe basement of the South 2 Concourse plan was to house the baggage handlingrather than the new South 1 Concourse. system in a basement of the Terminal 4 South Concourse 2, the concourse thatUsing the existing space eliminated includes the D gates 1 through 8.the need to complete extra excavation in the new concourse, as well as construct Brandon Moon,concrete basement walls, ensure All the airlines areproject executive forwaterproofing and tackle everything else expanding, so theyMcCarthy, notes thatinvolved with building a new basement. The need more capacity.using the constructiononly significant enabling project required to They need moremanager-at-riskuse the existing basement in South 2 was reliable systems, saysmodel allowedbuilding new office space for the airport Jerry Oakes, sectioncohesive teamfacilities and maintenance personnel who head for the Baggagecollaboration. WeBRANDON MOONoccupied that space at the time.Handling System/ had one goal: EDS Department atJERRY OAKES mitigate challenges and create a swiftThey cleared it out so it was a PHX. We have to be looking at five to 10review/approval process as the projectcompletely cavernous basement, and then years down the road as far as the growthprogressed, he explains. we designed the baggage handling system of the airport. Its just something that wein that space to replace most of the always have to try to stay ahead of soThe biggest role we played wasexisting system that Southwest was using we can keep up with the demand of theassessing the feasibility of the space andto serve Terminal 4 South, explains David.passenger and luggage counts. providing real-time cost to the airport and AirportImprovement.comJuly | August 2022'