b'10 LGA AIRFIELDquickly for takeoff, explains Mitchell Jordan,The potential for associated hazards created a significant project manager for WSP, the firm that co- dependence on pushback equipment to move aircraft to a safe led the design joint venture with HOK.startup position. The new configuration eliminates that need and The island concourses facilitated theallows aircraft to get to the runway faster. creation of two miles of new taxi lanes thatThe other advantage from a safety standpoint is that with controllers can use to maneuver aircraftlarger aircraft, we were able to ensure that there was adequate around the busy airport. wingtip clearance and space for airport operations [staff and With the loop and new taxi lanes, aircraftMITCHELL JORDAN equipment] to safely maneuver and work around the aircraft, are not blocked in. The single alleyway design was the Achilleswhich had been much more tightly constrained previously, heel for LaGuardia, Thielmann remarks. You couldnt beJordan adds.bringing someone in and have someone push back and go out.Designers also thought through future growth. During Having every gate be independent, and not have to depend onconstruction phasing, they intentionally designed the hydrant whats happening at adjacent gates, is a huge added value forsystem and three temporary gates that can replace Group IV the airlines. gates so they could add three more gates without changing Another strategy to help mitigate delays is common-useanything else in the building. We can replace the four Group design. Now, any of the five Terminal B airlinesAmericanIV gates with Group II and Group III gates, and grow the facility Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Air Canada andto 38 gates, without actually having to change anything in the JetBluecan use any of the 35 gates. Given how delay-proneterminal, Thielmann explains. LaGuardia can be, especially when we get weather, having that flexibility to use any gate for any aircraft is a huge benefit for theUpgraded Support Systemstraveling public, says Thielmann.Airside technology was upgraded to incorporate all new visual docking guidance systems, passenger boarding bridges, potable The new concourse layout also addressed safety andwater cabinets, high-mast flood lighting for the apron, and operational concerns. With the finger concourse layout, jet blastcharging infrastructure for a new electric fleet of ground support from aircraft starting adjacent to the building was a problem. WHATS AT THE END OFProviding Solutions to Improve Airport Safety & Reduce Noise Since 1957 Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) Jet Blast DeflectorsGround Run-up Enclosures YOURBlast WallsEnd Around Taxiway Visual Screens RUNWAY? End Around Taxiway Visual Screen LEARNJet Blast Deflectors MORE Ground Run-up Enclosures Blast Wallswww.blastdeflectors.com www.runwaysafe.com | info@runwaysafe.comOctober 2022AirportImprovement.com'