b'42 POB RUNWAYSTo prepare for a future project that will replace asphalt on taxiways with concrete, the airport extended the recent runway paving about 40 feet beyond the VFR hold line. Blevins notes that this preplanning helps ensure that POB will not have to shut down Runway 5-23 during the upcoming taxiway pavement work, which is currently in the design phase. Improved LightingOn the electrical side, the airport upgraded its airfield lighting with LEDsrunway edge lights, runway threshold lights, sequenced flashing approach lighting, airfield signage, taxiway lights, apron lighting and precision approach path indicators. The comprehensive lighting overhaul required 300,000 linear feet of new conduit. The airfields new ALSF-1 approach New LED runway lighting and precision approachlighting system uses LED lighting for path indicators are noticeably brighter for pilots.all of the steady burning lights.This system has not been used by the FAA for SNOWBOSS: SAFERSNOW REMOVALOPERATIONSPrevent runway incursions SnowBOSS software keeps airport snow removal teams safer while managing the pressures and demands of snow and ice removal, especially in reduced visibility. SnowBOSS helps prevent runway incursions by alerting equipment operators of a potential incursion before it happens. It also allows team supervisors to monitor and coordinate the work of snow removal vehicles inside and outside Aircraft Operations Areas for more ef cient use of resources. Made in the USA leonardocompany-us.comOctober 2022AirportImprovement.com'