b'62 CMD RUNWAYSShe expects the upcycled runway base, new top pavementOne thing that has helped us is consistency, Harrison reflects. and associated improvements to serve the airport well for 20We have been consistent with our story, consistent with our plan, years or more.and also with our communication.The $4.2 million project was primarily funded with a $3.6 millionAs airport director he strives to make sure everyone is well FAA grant. The nearly $600,000 contributed by the city, countyaware of what the airport is attempting to accomplish. That and state paid for portions not eligible for FAA funding, such asincludes the airport board, its engineering team and key contacts maintaining the runways 100-foot width rather than reducing itfrom the city, county, state and FAA. to 75 feet. The city and county spent additional funds to clear the We keep everything out there, and we are very engaged, runway approach.Harrison emphasizes. Because we talk about projects through We removed a lot of trees, and the approach has beenthe years, it really shouldnt take a lot of information when its time improved, Hobbs reports. Everything is clear and clean andto execute them, because everyone has heard it so many times safe, and so much more usable for aircraft. moving forward.With the last piece of its airfield overhaul complete, CMD isLooking 20, 30 and even 40 years down the road, some ofalready beginning another airport layout plan. Now that we havethe projects in CMDs new airport layout plan may lie outsideall the existing infrastructure stabilized, we are starting to look atthe fence. projects for the next five, 10 and 20 years, says Hobbs.We will have some non-airside and some airside projects, and we want to break it down in a realistic timeline, Harrison says. Future Development We want to determine what our goals are going to be and how Based on positive outcomes of the recent runway project andwe start to achieve them.previous airfield improvements, Harrison anticipates continued success with upcoming efforts to improve CMD. The airports new five-year plan includes several capital improvement program projects. Initiatives planned for next year PRESERVING RUNWAYSDAY & NIGHTFAA P-608 COMPLIANT FAA P-608-R COMPLIANTHundreds of Runways Safely Treated SAFE Recommended for Time-Constrained& Environmentally Responsible Project ConditionsOver 25 Years Serving PROVEN Rapidly Cures to Runway Safetythe Aviation Industry Standards in 2-3 HoursMitigates Asphalt-Based EFFECTIVE No Long-Term Airport FOD & Surface OxidationClosures & Lost RevenueBoth treatments can be applied on all airfield pavements without restrictions.asphaltsystemsinc.comOctober 2022AirportImprovement.com'