b'ENVIRONMENTAL APA|MCO|PIT 55The first airport apiary was established more than 20 years agoFACTS&FIGURES at Hamburg Airport in Germany. The first U.S. airport to develop one was OHare International (ORD), in 2011. The initiative in Chicago is part environmental program and part community outreach. Located on a previously vacant, undeveloped grassy area on the east side of the airport, the bee program at ORD includesProject: On-Site Apiary a job training partnership with the citys Department of Family Support Services and the North Lawndale Employment Network. Location: Centennial Airport By providing native plants on what might otherwise be consideredProgram Scope: 4 hives, with approximately 200,000 total, on undeveloped airport land useless real estate, ORD helps bolster the vulnerable bee population and also supports a local cottage industry. Certified naturally grownSafety Precautions: Hives are set on stands screwed into platforms that are tied down with ratchet straps to prevent foreign object debris on airfieldhoney from the airport apiary is processed and sold under the Sweet Beginnings beelove product label. The local, all natural honey andProgram Established: 2018related honey-based skin care products are sold at Hudson NewsLead Consultant: Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. stores in ORD and Chicago Midway, among other locations. TheMaster Beekeeper: Joe Komperda, Happy Busy Bees and Average Joe Guides.beelove honey is also a featured ingredient on the menu at celebrity chef Rick Bayless Tortas Frontera restaurants in ORD. Orlando International Airport (MCO) was also an early adopter. It established hives outside the airfield fence about a decade agoProject: On-Site Apiarywhen Wildlife Manager John Metcalf was looking for environmentally sound ways to use the airports wealth of undeveloped land. InsteadLocation: Orlando Intl Airport of removing native plants such as Brazilian peppertrees and sawProgram Scope: 200+ hives just outside perimeter fence, supported by native palmettos, the airport opted to leverage their benefits for Europeanplants on airport landhoneybees and local pollinators.Established: 2012At that time, there was a resurgence in beekeeping andLead Consultant: Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. environmentally friendly practices, Metcalf says. We wereMaster Beekeeper: Jason Deeringer, Bee Seriousinterested in a bee program, but we didnt want to create any unforeseen wildlife issues either. The worst-case scenario would be for bees to swarm a plane that was trying to push back or causing an issue on nav equipment, let alone something like attracting wild hogs or coyotes.Project: On-Site ApiaryNow that the hives are well established, he seizes opportunitiesLocation: Pittsburgh Intl Airportto increase environmental awareness and community interaction. IProgram Scope: 10 apiaries with 150-175 colonies & millions of honeybeescant tell you how many times Ive explained our program to otherEstablished: 2012folks, including contractors, consultants and concessionaires, saysLead Consultant: Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. Metcalf. Theyve heard about it through the grapevine, and wereMaster Beekeeper: Stephen Rapasky, Meadow Sweet Apiariesgetting a chance to educate people. Were proud of this locally supported program. Accolade: 2020 Governors Award for Environmental ExcellenceCentennial Airport (APA) in Englewood, CO, has worked with Joe Komperda, aKey Benefits: Preventing & managing bee swarms proactively; productive board member of the American Beekeepinguse of undeveloped airport land; supporting long-term sustainability & land stewardship goals; opportunity for community engagement/educationFederation, for about four years on an annual contract basis. As the airports beekeeper in residence, Komperda helped identify areas at APA that make the most sense for a JOE KOMPERDAsuccessful bee program. By leaving that space undeveloped, the airport provides the food and habitat bees and other pollinators need to flourish. Komperda also runs two related companies: HappyPlanningBusy Bees, which sells honey and related productsDELTA AIRPORT Engineeringsuch as beeswax candles, and Average Joe Guides,CONSULTANTS, INC. EnvironmentalIndustry Analysiswhich provides education for novice and intermediatewww.deltaairport.com Program Management beekepers.Construction AdministrationBusiness & Financial PlanningAirportImprovement.comOctober 2022'