b'RUNWAYS JAC 19To install the pipes, crews from Knife River dug tilted trenches that were 2 feetAirport officials scheduled terminal renovations while the runway was deep and 3 feet wide, then centeredclosed for reconstruction. pieces of pipe inside. The slotted drains had been welded into the pipes at the factory.Runoff from rooftops, the runway and other hard surfaces throughout the airfield runs into two large retainer ponds. There, a sand filtration system removes oil, sediment and other material before the cleaned water is pumped to the surface and discharged as surface water. It was vital to the Jackson Hole Airport Board, airport staff, the National Park Service and other agencies that any pollutants from the runway drains would not reach the Snake River and its tributaries. The airport itself sits about 50 feet over a large aquifer that drains into the river. We are pleased that our #1water blasting choice for airportsrubber removal, paint removal, paint rejuvenation, terminal cleaningnew innovations from hogwww.TheHog.comAirportImprovement.comOctober 2022'