b'ENVIRONMENTAL PHL49with this method, he adds. These are proven methods that meet the requirements of the FAAs Advisory Circulars for construction specifications. Reusing onsite materials is an exemplar of the programs objectives. Doing so will not only reduce construction costs, it will also significantly reduce the need to haul materials long distances. Limited material movement can significantly contribute to the reduction of emissions and the projects embodied carbon count while decreasing area traffic congestion.Informed InfrastructureDAchille notes that one of the key aspects that defines Envision is that it requires applicants to document the project teams decision-making process for evaluation. Leadership is a graded quality, he comments. In aviation infrastructure, you need a well-organized process to achieve theA conceptual pavement section for the Taxiway S Reconstruction planned benefits. Starting a program like this is going to takeproject. Each material layer promotes sustainability through either some time for airport owners and designers to get used to. Butmaterial recycling or direct/indirect carbon footprint reduction.once its up and running, diligently considering these kinds of strategies should easily become standard operating procedure. The great majority of the sustainable practices we are considering in this process will save a lot of money for the Sutanto agrees and shares her enthusiasm for the road ahead,airport, she says. If the concern is the bottom line, the Envision as PHL incorporates Envision into the design of Taxiway S andframework isnt against that. However, like everything else in future airfield pavement projects.aviation, its a balancing act. UNSTICK WHATS STUCK ON YOUR HARD SURFACESENCLOSED HIGH PRESSURE WASH / SIMULTANEOUS VACUUM RECOVERYUNTREATEDTREATEDContact Steve Karlin, Marketing Director, at 920-252-9314 or skarlin@triverus.com |TRIVERUS.COMAIRFIELD FACILITIES Ramp HygieneParking Structure Hygiene Mildew and Stain RemovalPaint & Crack Seal Prep Marking Acuity RecoverySurface Pollution Removal & CaptureSpill ResponseAll Hard SurfacesAirportImprovement.comOctober 2022'