b'RUNWAYS CMD 63include reconstructing the general aviation apron, rehabilitating the terminal apron and developing hangarsNew grooves and fresh markings were the final touches. on the south side of the airfield. Currently, CMD has 10 corporate hangars and 56 T hangars. A new corporate hangar in 2023, perimeter fencing and more taxiway rehabilitation are tentatively on the docket for 2024, and drainage improvements and new hangar development in 2025. In 2026, the airport plans to complete an environmental assessment for extending the north end of its north/south runway, followed by associated land acquisition and construction in 2027.Harrison fully expects to garner local support for the proposed projects that lie ahead. Everything that we said we were going to do in the last seven years, we have completed, he reasons. We have proven to the local delegation that we have a well-thought-out plan. We do our best to evaluate the outcome of every decision. We have proven ourselves to the state, and we have proven ourselves to the FAA. We cannot thank the local, state, and federal leaders enough for their trust and support. Now, it is just building on that foundation.In short, Harrison describes CMD as an airport that is alwaysmoving forward to meet the needs of our clients. IS YOUR BUSINESS IMAGEEVERYTHING IT COULD BE?Faster, Greener, Cleaner The Cyclone DifferenceFaster!Within the Cyclone head, up to 24 sapphire-tipped spray les, mounted to high sped rotating arms, blast the surface with noz ure water in a swirling vortex at 140 mphequivalent to a category 4 cyclone. As the surface is being cleaned, and deposits removed, ultra-high presthe multi-patented Cyclone simultaneously recovers the waste waterwith no vacuum.Greener!Cyclone Technologys advanced design utilizes up to 50% les fresh water with 20% lower fuel consumption while 95% of wastewater is recovered instantly. The on-board waste tank separates solid waste through a 160 micron biodegradable liner. The entire process uses only fresh waterno chemicals!ure water blastingBefore and After. CY210 is The combination of ultra-high preswith the Cyclone vortex provides exceptional cleaning while causingshown in this ilustration. Cleaner!no damage to your surface.CY210 Behind for areas requiringeithWalk- R50 verabilit s. y; usd wmore maneu 0 or other trailers that the T met requirementBecker 505 specializes in marketing and design for theENGINEERS & PLANNERSaviation industry. Let us create your corporate identity, TR5500 ed w bs and hard to reach areas.YWhen us ith the C210 its idealfor small jo 1/16/15 4:31 PMadvertisements and marketing campaigns so you can get PerviousAd_V5.indd 2back to what you do bestrunning your business! MORE THAN A CONSULTANTA trusted partner, passionate about aviationand committed to safe operations on your airfield1-888-AVCON-99 | avconinc.comCALL OR EMAIL US TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE AND CONSULTATIONINFO@BECKER505.COM|608.205.2788|BECKER505.COMAirportImprovement.comOctober 2022'