b'64 MLTWINTER OPERATIONS Millinocket Municipal Slashes Snow Removal TimeBY BROOKE MASTERWinter weather in central Mainethe east/west runway had edge lights, has changed significantly overan instrument approach and was better the last few decades, promptingpositioned for MLTs general aviation traffic. Millinocket Municipal Airport (MLT) to updateChanges in prevailing winds, however, its snow removal equipment to meet theeventually created the need to keep the FACTS&FIGURESnew airfield maintenance challenges. north/south runway open, too. Project: Improving Snow RemovalIn the past, localSafety is paramount, Campbell Location: Millinocket Municipal Airport in Maine snow was light andemphasizes. Light airplanes are more New Equipment: 2021 Larue T-85 Dual Engine Self- powdery, whichsusceptible to the wind. Therefore, we want Propelled Snowblower allowed Airportthe airplanes landing and taking off into the Supplier: J.A. Larue Inc. Manager Jeff Campbellwind [rather than fighting crosswinds].Cost: $543,000 ($519,500 for equipement; $23,500 forto use a 1994 DresserIn 2020, the airport made a big change engineering/administration costs) bucket loader equippedto its winter operations by purchasing a Funding: FAA capital improvement grant; town & statewith a self-poweredJEFF CAMPBELL 2021 Larue T-85 dual engine self-propelled each contributed 5%Blanchet snowblowersnowblower. Campbell reports that Equipment Features: Four-wheel drive with four-wheelof the same vintage to clear MLTs 4,713- snowstorms are no longer an issue, thanks to steering; heated wipers & windshield; cab is heated & airfoot east/west runway (11-29). But overthe new equipment and the resulting benefit conditioned, with bluetooth stereothe years, winter storms morphed into aof having both runways open for traffic.Consultant: Hoyle Tanner & Associates Inc. mixture of snow and rain, and the airports self-powered, single-stage snowblowerOperating the previous snowblower Timeline: Airport qualified for funding in May 2018;was often unable to move the heavy, wetsolo, it used to take Campbell 12 hours to design & specifications developed Jan.-March 2019;mess. If the weather was severe, the airportclear Runway 11-29. Now, with the new bids issued in March 2019; contract awarded Oct. 2019;equipment and help from two part-time snowblower delivered Nov. 2020 occasionally had to shut down for days.employees, it takes four hours to clear bothKey Benefit: 2 runways, 2 taxiways, apron & 3 vehicleFor many years, Campbell didnt clearasphalt runways, two taxiways, the aircraft parking lots can be cleared in 4 hours (vs. 12 hoursthe north/south runway (16-34), becauseapron and three vehicle parking lots. previously for just 1 runway) October 2022AirportImprovement.com'