b'56 APA|MCO|PIT ENVIRONMENTALWhen you look at the aerial photograph of Bee Informed Centennial Airport, the runways take up a very small For more information about developing an apiary, check out Considerations forportion, even with all of the skirting and the hangars and Establishing and Maintaining Successful Bee Programs on Airports, from theeverything else, he notes. Theres a lot of open land, Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP). Carol Lurie, regional Aviationand if that land is allowed to grow naturally, it grows all director at Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. and principal investigator on the project,those things that the local environment can use. We found that the major benefit to airports is improvement in public relations andmay call them weeds, but the bees and other pollinators an increase in community engagement. Also importantly, Lurie concludedsee them as a smorgasbord board of epic proportions.that the airports in the study experienced no wildlife hazards associated withSamantha Alger, an the establishment of pollinator programs and, in fact, improved overall swarmenvironmental scientist and management. To view a full copy of the report, go the National Academies Presspollinator specialist for Vanasse website at nap.nationalacademies.org/read/26680/chapter/1#v Hangen Brustlin Inc., works with several U.S. airports to establish Airports with bee programs that participated in the ACRP study: and maintain beekeepingAustinBergstrom Intl (AUS)Indianapolis Intl (IND)programs. Alger earned herCentennial Airport (APA)MinneapolisSt. Paul Intl (MSP) doctorate degree in biologySAMANTHA ALGERat the University of Vermont,Chicago OHare Intl (ORD)MontralMirabel Intl (YMX) where she focused on pollinators and how virusesDayton Intl (DAY)Olympia Regional Airport (OLM)are spilling over from managed honeybees to wild Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Orlando Intl (MCO) pollinators. In addition to working with Vanasse County Airport (DTW) Pittsburgh Intl (PIT)Hangen Brustlin, she is a professor at the UniversityHartsfieldJackson Atlanta Intl SeattleTacoma Intl (SEA)of Vermont, directing the Vermont Bee Lab and leading related research projects.October 2022AirportImprovement.com'