b'70 SPECIAL REPORTMore Help is Needed qualified equipment able to test and verify that requirements are One major reason for the lack of photometric testing is that manymet, but there is no enforced incentive for airports or the FAA airports dont realize the importance of fixture maintenance toto ensure this happens. Regulations and performance criteria ensure proper light output. Moreover, airport personnel cant seeare wonderful, but they must be monitored to provide the safety when output levels drop below required minimum levels. Thatbenefits they are designed to promote. requires special equipment.We have already have requirements for testing in AC 150-5340-Fortunately, the American Association of Airport Executives26. If enforced, we could be assured that all the work going into (AAAE) has stepped up in the last few years to offer certificationfixture development and installation actually enhances safety for training for airport lighting maintenance personnel.the flying public. When most airports dont meet the minimum requirements, and there is no regular testing, the process has FAA, the developer of light fixture criteria and requirements, hasfailed. The solution is to enforce the requirement for testing by surprisingly minimal influence over testing to ensure complianceinvolving airports and the FAA. In order to maintain a Part 139 with photometric requirements. During certification inspections,certificate, an airport should be required to prove that its airfield there is nothing that indicates whether runway lighting meets FAAlighting meets photometric requirements, and it should be requirements. There is no test report provided or requested thatrequired to provide this information to an inspector. indicates whether lighting conforms to Part 139 requirements. If that were the case and it was a requirement, there would be moreThe configuration and minimum intensity requirements for incentive for airports to test. In addition, FAA inspectors wouldairfield lighting are designed to help pilots during low visibility better realize the importance of proper fixture performance sinceconditions. As a pilot descends past the decision height on part of their requirement would be to ensure that the system isa given runway, the view of the runway, as represented by its operating properly.lighting, should increase. However, if fixtures have not been maintained to the required standards, the field of view may Lighting consultants like myself have talked about thisinstead decrease, and the runway perspective may be lost disconnect for years, but nothing gets done to enhance or assurealtogether.photometric performance after fixtures are installed. We have elite_1020ai_qrtpg_final_8/21/201:21 PMPage 1HEICO-LOCKElite Electronic Engineering Inc.WEDGE LOCK WASHER BOLTFAA ACCEPTEDSECURITY SYSTEMS Third-Party Certification Body forAirport Lighting EquipmentYour New Partner for Qualification Testing and CertificationRequired by FAA AC 150/5345-53DISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory TestingFAA Approved SolutionsFAA AC 150/5345 Series, ICAO Annex 14, for Your Airfield Canada TP312, and More Industry SpecificationsStandard wedge lock washers andFlexible Scheduling and Responsive ServiceCombi-Washers from HEICO-LOCK: Keep your lights secure Reduce maintenance headaches Eliminate risk of FOD Keep costs downContact: Brad DeGrave FAA Program Administratorbrad.degrave@elitetest.com 1-630-495-9770www.elitetest.comWWW.HEICO-LOCK.US888.822.5661 EMC | Electrical | Environmental | Mechanical | PhotometricsOctober 2022AirportImprovement.com'