b'20 JAC RUNWAYSdrainage system, along with the existing detention and filtrationtraining rooms; two new ticket counters; and an expanded TSA system in place, helps keeps that river as clean as possible, sayscheckpoint with four lanes rather than three. (If necessary, there is Rob Chapman, director of products and analytics for Contech.room to add two more TSA lanes in the future.) In addition, crew performed pavement maintenance on the terminal parking areas Terminal Renovations, Too and installed new fencing. Since the airport was closing from early April through most of The TSA checkpoint was renovated and expanded from three June 2022, airport officials scheduled terminal renovations at thelanes to four. In addition, pavement maintenance was conducted same time.on the terminal parking areas, and new fencing was installed.Work there included selective demolition, renovation andSeveral other projects were completed up to a year before the expansion to create two new gates; an improved holdroom; aTSA checkpoint area was renovated. This work made it easier larger restaurant with a full basement for storage, offices andfor airport and airline personnel to be moved efficiently while the upgrades were made.One of the biggest challenges for Wadman, SCHIBECI the general contractor, was working within the existing footprint. Dating back several PP600 MICRO PLANER decades, there was an agreement with Grand Teton National Park to Stripe & Marking Removal System keep the airport its current size, says Tyler Shupe, a company superintendent. Nevertheless, we were able to remodel space, add new electrical systems and make other improvements.TYLER SHUPEShupe predicts that passengers will really like the new renovations. The new restaurant complex will include table service, grab-and-go options and a bar. It will have great floor-to-ceiling windows, facing west and northwest, with great views of the mountains. No Ghost Lines It also will tie back into the renovations and designs made over the last few years, he No Trace remarks. High ProductionA full basement under the new restaurant Rates will provide additional storage. Construction of this section is expected to be complete by the Low Operating Cost end of this year. In the meantime, the airport continues to offer limited food and beverage options post-security throughout. Alls WellSince the airport reopened in late June, Elwood has received extensive compliments about the runway and spruced-up terminal. I believe the planning and close cooperation between our airport and all ofour partners made a huge difference, he says. We could not have accomplished this project in only 78 days without that Sold by: dedication.ENGINEERED SOLUTIONSMecom Equipment LLC | 209.466.5135 | mecomsales@aol.comFOR MORE INFORMATION: WWW.SCHIBECI.COMOctober 2022AirportImprovement.com'