b'SPECIAL REPORT 71Another important factor that is often overlooked is theUltimately, airfield lighting is a safety issue. Former U.S. potential impact runway lighting can have on Runway VisualTransportation Secretary Ray LaHood put it into perspective when Range (RVR) values that are reported to pilots in low visibilityhe said, We put rules and regulations in place to keep the flying conditions. In addition to the atmospheric conditions that arepublic safe. We expect operators to perform inspections and calculated, RVR equipment measures the current in the circuitsconduct regular and required maintenance in order to preventsupplying power to runway edge and centreline lights. This datasafety issues. There can be no compromises when it comes to is then interpreted by algorithms in the program to equate to asafety. specific light output based on the runway lights operating at their optimum performance for that brightness step. Unfortunately, using current in the RVR calculation can be misleading. A readingSeward Ford is president of Visual Aids of the current can be correct, but if the fixtures lens is dirty, theServices LLC, a provider of support and output is not adequate. This could result in overstating the RVR.consulting services for the FAA and others One can readily ascertain that if the lights are not functioning asregarding various airfield visual aids. For the required, skewed RVR values reported pilots could prove to belast 20 years, Ford has been an instructor for problematic.the AAAE Airport Certified Employee course on Airport Lighting Maintenance. He is a member This is why in situ photometric testing is the only effectiveemeritus and past chairman of the IESALC and means of maintaining compliant (serviceable) airfield lighting. Thechaired the IES subcommittee that developed the FAA third-party problem is that the FAA doesnt enforce the requirement stated intesting and certification program that qualifies airfield lighting products AC 150/5340-26 as part of its Part 139 certification program.for FAA Advisory Circulars.AirportImprovement.comOctober 2022'