b'12 LGA AIRFIELDBecause the equipment is mounted directly on the passengerFor Thielmann, it was proving all the doubters wrong. In the boarding bridges, the distance between the equipment andbeginning, there were a lot of people who expected the project to connecting points of aircraft is very short, increasing the efficiencyfail, he says. Its validating to get to the end, and its no longer and performance of the equipment. the airport people hate. People really enjoy their experience In terms of operation and maintenance, the ITW GSE systemstraveling through LaGuardia today. You see it in their faces, you are plug-and-play. The pre-conditioned air and ground powersee it in their reactions, you hear it in their words. units have similar controls and user interface and share manyAfter spending seven years on the project, Jordan is also common components. If you learn to use one, you can veryhappy to see it come to such a successful conclusion. Its been easily use the other, Rocha notes. Common components simplifyexciting to work with a collaborative team over such a long period maintenance and reduce inventory of replacement parts. of time on such a high-profile project, he reflects. I have friends All the equipment uses the same ITW GSE Connect operatingand coworkers who arent involved in the project who travel from system, which is physically wired to the building via ethernetLaGuardia often. To see them surprised with how great of a facility ports. Data from the system is fed to a building managementit is, thats one of the most rewarding things for me. system, where a dashboard shows whats operating, whats not,DeCesare particularly enjoys taking in the view from either of and what the problem is if there is a failure.the pedestrian bridges while flying into or out of LGA. I am proud of what the team was able to accomplish together for our city, What Success Looks Like and I am grateful for the opportunity to have such a key role in Billed as one of the largest public-private partnership aviationthis mega project, she says. projects in U.S. history, the redevelopment of Terminal B wasWith the Terminal B overhaul complete, LGA passengers are completed on time and on budget. While Jordan, DeCesare andin for more positive changes from the next phase of the larger Thielmann are proud of both amazing accomplishments, they found$8 billion airport redevelopment program. Construction of a new the most satisfaction in slightly different aspects.Terminal C for Delta Air Lines is well under way and expected to be complete by the end of 2024. October 2022AirportImprovement.com'