b'RUNWAYS POB 43commercial airports in the U.S. as it is stillbeing evaluated by thework we could do outside of the outage timeframe, he recalls. FAA Technical Center. The U.S. military, however, has seen theWe developed and quickly mobilized pre-fabrication of both advantages of the technology and is starting to incorporate it intopre-case structures and the duct bank to do as much work plans.beforehand as possible. Large sections of the duct bank were Andrew Fender, project manager withinstalled before the runway closed, keeping it outside the runway Atlantic Electric, notes that this made thesafety area. Completing that and other electrical work before the installation challenging because crews hadclosure also allowed Atlantic Electric to reduce its on-site crew to incorporate the new lighting technologysize and simplified logistics, Fender notes.with existing hardware. With the installation successfully complete, he predicts that otherOvercoming Obstacles airports will take note of the advanced system. With every project youre going to have twists, turns and problems, and we had them, Meekins reflects. We overcame This is a nice example that the FAAANDREW FENDER every one of them and finished on time. can reference for use of LED approach lights at an airport, says Galen Dixon ofSubsurface surprises, like unmarked underground utilities, ADB SAFEGATE, adding that the newprovided challenges, but the Fort Bragg utility locators were on technology is expected to reduce energy andthe airfield daily to help keep the project moving forward.maintenance costs. Because some of theIn addition to procuring and delivering all the needed materials electrical and lighting upgrades needed toand equipment ahead of time, the project team had to position occur during the pavement installation, initialeverything on the airfield in the most efficient manner and order. It paving was concentrated to the very outsidewas a giant resourcing and logistical hurdle to get all of that onto of the runway and taxiways.GALEN DIXON the Post, Beach advises. Echoing a familiar theme, Fender says preplanning was criticalOriginally, the project team was going to place temporary to the electrical upgrades and provided breathing room in thepavement markings to meet the tight 120-day timeline. However, aggressive schedule. Our main challenge was figuring out thethat meant the runway would not have been certified for IFR LeadingtheWay inApron LightingSMOOTHNESSSince 1993, APR has provided smoothness evaluation servicesEllsworth Air Force Base Apron Lightingfor the largest A&E firms and the smallest, local contractors. Experts at P-401 and P-501, APR can also produce an effective and efficient corrective action plan if needed. Scan the QR code or go to promo.musco.com/ellsworthafb to learn moreContact APR Today for Your Next Paving Projectwww.aprconsultants.com937-849-6795 2022 Musco Sports Lighting, LLC - ADLAL22-4AirportImprovement.comOctober 2022'