b'44 POB RUNWAYSconditions, which was a non-negotiable item for the leadership at Fort Bragg. Within the last 10 days of the project, the team pivoted and was able to apply 103,000 square feet of permanent retroreflective paint, allowing the airfield to be IFR certified. And it was raining part of those days, Meekins adds. Blevins credits the project teams planning and execution for ensuring that the airfield was ready for all operations, including IFR, by the appointed deadline. Other challenges included trucking shortages, a fire that caused a cement kiln to be taken out of service and a batch plant that was temporarily down because of worker illness. Even so, flexibility, constant communication and re-sequencing work within some phases kept the project on schedule, says Meekins.Project participants agree that open and constant communication cannot be understated as essential components to the success of the project. Meekins describes the teamwork as a perfect storm of all good things from leaders who were willing to make quick and necessary decisions to skilled and knowledgeable contractors. Pavement and lighting upgrades extended to the apron area.FODS - FODS Prevention Mats are used as a proactive and repeatable measure to eliminate FOD from being tracked into your airfield. The FODS mats are placed at airfield entry points where the FODS mats clean vehicle tires before debris is tracked onto high risk areas such as taxiways and access road intersections.The FODS systems is used around the world on military bases, private and commercial airports, aircraft OEM facilities and on airfield construction projects as an effective temporary FOD control measure.Applications:- Military- Commercial- Manufacturing- Construction100% Made in the USA. WWW.FODCHECK.COM | 844-200-3637October 2022AirportImprovement.com'