b'ENVIRONMENTAL PHL47FACTS&FIGURES Project: Taxiway RehabilitationLocation: Philadelphia Intl Airport Taxiway: STotal Length: 16,000 ft. Package 1 Reconstruction Length: 4,000 ft.Width: 75 ft. Pre-Project Pavement Condition Index Rating: 18-39 Estimated Budget: $40 millionDesign: Jan. 2022Dec. 2022Construction Commenced: Feb. 2024Anticipated Completion: Nov. 2025Consulting Engineer: Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson Inc. Sustainability Framework: EnvisionEnvision Administrator: Institute for Sustainable InfrastructureResource AllocationTheAirfield Examplesustainability of assets and materialsSutanto expects the rehabilitation of needed to build infrastructure and keepTaxiway S, a main airfield artery, to be a it operational are assessed. Key factorssignificant Envision accomplishment. are quality, source and characteristics. As the primary airport for the Natural WorldThe systemPhiladelphia metro area, PHL served considers how infrastructure projects19.6 million passengers last year, with impact habitats, species and nonlivingnearly 300 daily departures to more than natural systems that perform critical120 destinations worldwide. Naturally, ecosystem services that clean airthat type of traffic volume takes it toll on and water, produce healthy food, andairfield pavement over time. mitigate hazards to our health.The Pavement Condition Index (PCI) Climate and ResilienceEnvisionfor Taxiway S currently ranges from 39 strives to minimize emissions thatto as low as 18 in some places. Sutanto contribute to climate change and ensureemphasizes the need for holistic thinking infrastructure resilience through projectswhen rehabilitating the important airfield that are informed, resourceful, robust,artery.redundant, flexible, integrated and inclusive.This is the singular taxiway feeding PHL is asking project teams toour busiest runway, she notes. Part of rethink their approach to design andthe design evaluation process looks at construction within the guidelines ofwhat we are going to do in the future. this program, says Sutanto. We haveDo we need to change anything to several projects pursuing Envisionmeet standards, or can the location be Certification. improved? What is the impact of rutting, AirportImprovement.comOctober 2022'