b'40 POB RUNWAYSFACTS&FIGURESProject Team at Pope Army AirfieldProject: Runway Reconstruction Demonstrates Military Schedule DisciplineLocation: Pope Army Airfield in Northw CarolinaRunway: 5-23 During Runway ReconstructionBY JODI RICHARDS Associated Elements: Apron & taxiway reconstruction; new airfield lightingBy any measure, 120 days is anArmys XVIII Airborne Corps and 82nd Airborne Notice to Proceed: Late 2020 aggressive schedule for sizableDivision. From April 2020 through March 2021, Construction: June 15-Oct. 12, 2021 construction, and even more so whenPOB logged 24,471 operations. Without the its an airport project. Pope Army Airfield (POB)restrictions posed by COVID, annual operations Cost: $82 millionin North Carolina managed to replace all theare usually closer to 33,000. General Contractor Joint Venture: RCpavement on its 9,501-foot runway and upgradeThe airports single runway, 5-23, has an Construction; Millstone Webber lighting throughout the airfield between June 15 Electrical Contractor: Atlantic Electric and Oct. 13, 2021. asphalt midsection with concrete overruns. Every 10 to 15 years, the critical airfield is shut down Airfield & Runway Lighting: ADBPreviously known as Pope Air Force Base,for about two months while crews replace the SAFEGATE; Musco POB is part of the Fort Bragg garrison. Its leadrunway asphalt. When this happens, training Labor Hours: 184,000Air Force tenant unit is the 43rd Air Mobilityoperations and units based there need to be Concrete Poured: 91,000 cubic yardsOperations Group, which is responsible for rapidtemporarily relocated. Given the associated Stabilized Subgrade: 70,666 cubic yardsstrategic deployment of forces assigned to thecosts, minimizing airfield closure time is always a Conduit Installed: 300,000 linear ft.Joint Special Operations Command and the U.S.priority. October 2022AirportImprovement.com'