b'RUNWAYS JAC 15Planning and Funding During Phase Two, the airport would close from April 11 to The preliminary on-site studies also helpedJune 27, 2022, for reconstruction of the main runway (1-19) and the airport secure federal funding. Thetaxiways A1 and A4. This phase, the bulk of the work, would be a FAA supported and even encouraged our24/7 operation. geotech investigations, states Paul Fiore,Phase Three would primarily include runway grooving and final project manager for Jviation. They wanted topermanent striping.know exactly what might be needed before approving funding. Along with the runway, wePAUL FIORE Communication Strategies also investigated the taxiways as well, whichWith contractors selected and a firm schedule in place, airport helped all parties better understand the larger scope of the project.officials began telling stakeholders specifically what work was going Staff at JAC worked closely with the Jackson Hole Airportto be done, and when. Board to plan and prepare for additional projects while theThe four commercial airlines that serve JAC (United, American, airport would be shut down for this runway work. They includedDelta and Alaska) were given at least one year advance notice improving main connector taxiways (A1about the runway work and an associated closure. This allowed and A4), parking lots and several areas inthem to adjust flight schedules into/out of nearby airports in Idaho the terminal. Jviation was a great partnerFalls, ID; Casper, WY; and Bozeman, MT. The airport also notified in helping us create detailed plans that weseveral general aviation airports in the area that they might be could take to the FAA when we made ourgetting more business from general aviation pilots based at JAC.official funding request, says Assistant Airport Director Dustin Havel. They attendedOn-site rental car companies at JAC were given the option of all of the meetings we had with the FAA andstaying open. Instead of paying their standard fixed rent to the provided excellent input. DUSTIN HAVEL airport, rental car operators and the restaurant paid a percentage of gross receipts during the 78-day closure. Concessionaires that The engineering firm also helped prepare the biddingclosed temporarily were given rent abatements.documents on behalf of the airport. These documents listed several conditions for bidders, including: Several months before construction began, senior staff,Runway work had to be performed from early April throughincluding Elwood, gave informational June 2022, when the airport would be less busy. A firm 78- presentations to local organizations and day work schedule was imperative.homeowners. Meeting with our close At least 90% of the pavement section from the existingneighbors was especially important to convey runway was to be recycled and reused in the subbase for theconstruction schedules and set realistic new pavement section.expectations during the project phases, says An improved stormwater drainage system was needed toMegan Jenkins, the airports communications accommodate the 150 to 175 inches of snow JAC receivesmanager. Neighbors were given a directMEGAN JENKINSeach year. point of contact for questions. The airportStrict environmental regulations had to be met.also created a projects page on its website that includedWork inside the terminal would be done while the airport wastimelines, work schedules and other related news. closed. Throughout construction, the airport communications team After reviewing several bids, the airport selected Knife River asworked with Jviation and local communications firms to produce the prime contractor for runway and taxiway reconstruction. Knifea social media campaign, a video blog series, and a radio show River, in turn, selected HD Fowler as the pipe supplier for thecalled the Airport Report to keep the community up to date on drainage project. Fowler hired Contech Engineering Solutions toprogress and share environmental measures about the project.supply the slot drains, and attach them to the pipes. In addition, the local Chamber of Commerce partnered with In addition, Wadman Corporation was awarded the contract forJAC to help deliver its message to travelers, business owners and interior terminal improvements. Schiff and other representativescommunity members. from Jviation remained on-site throughout construction. Airport officials also had several meetings with colleagues at Idaho Airport and Jviation officials developed a three-phase timelineFalls Regional Airport (IDA) to help them prepare for the upcoming for the project: closure at JAC. They coordinated with their rental car agencies to have increased inventory to accommodate more reservations and Phase OneJuly 6 to Oct. 15, 2021included prep work,also added more long-term parking, Elwood notes.paving the extended runway safety areas, installing storm drainage trunk lines, screening and crushing on-site materialsJackson Hole residents accustomed to flying out of JAC had a to produce aggregate base courses, and staging constructiontwo-hour drive to IDA, without weather delays. materials for Phase Two. The airport would remain open, andDuring and after the project was complete, Elwood thanked crews were expected to complete much of the work at night. stakeholders for their patience during the airfield closure. 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