b'26 SJC EMERGENCY RESPONSEFirefighting Features With design input from ARFF personnel, the station includes Significant technology embedded into the fire station helps SJCtwo hydrants (one on the north side, another on the south) and meet Part 139 requirements for ARFF vehicles to be able to arrivean enclosed 5,000-gallon tank for aqueous film forming foam. at the midpoint of the most remote runway within three minutes.Previously, crews used 5-gallon buckets to refill apparatus with One of the key features is a new alerting system for 911 calls.foam; the new tank makes the process faster and safer.In the past, SJFD received a paper printout with informationThe large apron in front of the facility is another key feature for a call, which the captain had to then share with the crews.because it allows emergency crews to stage mutual aid events The new Station 20 has a ringdown system, which immediatelyand/or third alarm training drills. The airfield access drive was displays call information on TVs throughout the station and onalso situated to support these types of drills, where other SJFD wall-mounted screens in the dorm rooms. Details include thevehicles and crews would need to report to a large incident at the location and type of incident, so crews can start to absorb theairport. Freyler got to see the advantages in action during drills information as they move through the station and toward theheld when the new Station 20 first opened in March 2022. There apparatus. There are 10 dorm rooms (six allocated for airside,were a lot of companies right on the flightline ready to help in four for landside), and firefighters use a control panel to programwhatever rescue we need to do, he remarks. That would be a the alert system in the dorm room where they will sleep to receivemajor benefit if we ever experience an emergency there.either airside or landside calls. Additional large digital screens in the apparatus bays also display call information, and all displaysSustainabilitythroughout the facility show a countdown timer when a call begins.The new station is certified LEED-NC Silver by the USGBC and Crews have two minutes from the time a call is received to getwas designed to FAA Advisory Circular 150-5210 ARFF Station out of the stationeven from a dead sleep. Freyler reports thatDesign Standards. It features skylights and clerestory windows to the countdown timers are very effective, and SJFD is retrofittingbring in natural daylight, filtration for air quality and high-efficiency its other stations with the same call alert system. air circulation systems. Designers specified building materials high in recycled contents and low in volatile organic compounds. PRINTWEBE-MAILAirport Projects Profiled HereFeaturing Airports, Their Consultants & SuppliersAIRPORTIMPROVEMENT.COM 09 2016Boston Logan Squeezes in 10 More Floors of Parking Space OnH Faarrem C-toon-Tcaebslsei oFnoaoidre T Creanpditalizes oCharleston Intl Renovates Terminal Just in Time for Record-Setting GrowthSEE US AT ACI-NA, BOYD FORCAST SUMMIT, NASAO, & SWIFTAIRPORT STORIES INSIDE: BNA | BOS | CHS | CVG | GRR | LAL | LAS | LNN | MCO | OMA | ORD | ORF | PDX | RSW | SAT | SEA | SPI | TPANashvile Intl Turns Quarry Lake into Largest Geothermal Cooling System in North America Taking the Mystery out of Checkpoint Wait Times.comThe Show & Tell of Airport Project WorkOctober 2022AirportImprovement.com'