b'PHOTO: SAN JOSE FIRE DEPARTMENTEMERGENCY RESPONSE SJC 25airfield for mutual aid situations. Once the bays were located for landside and airside, we had to also meet SJC design guidelines, which require buildings with a street frontage to have that face of the building be parallel to the street, which is what gave us a wedge-shaped building, says Mar. In addition to 10 dorm rooms, the building also features conference/training rooms and shared amenities including a watch room, exercise room, kitchen, laundry room and day room. There are also specialized work andNew amenities like this conference/training room increase the stations utility. storage areas for ARFF equipment and supplies. Support spaces include a turnout room, cleanup area, medical supply storage, air fill room, workshop and fire suppression foam storage. The main design goal of the city fire department was to center its crews around the fire apparatuses. Our whole reason to be there is to get on that apparatusDecorative Receptacles for Waste & Recyclingand respond as fast as possible, says SJFD Deputy Chief Aaron Freyler. So everything AARON FREYLERthe dorm rooms, living quarters, TV room, kitchen and officesis all within just a few steps of the apparatus door. Moving to the new Station 20 was a win/win for the city department. We got to improve our facilities but still provide the exact same service were providing before, Freyler remarks.Designers encouraged firefighters to spend more time together by highlighting the shared living areas and slightly shrinking the personal areas in the new station. We really made it an open-concept fire station to make it easier to train with your crews and know where everyone is to be interacting with each other, says Freyler. Because the city classified the new building as a critical operations facility, it had to meet stringent reliability codes for electrical backups,HOWARD PAIGEseparation of systems, installation methods and redundant systems. Howard Paige, vice presidentwestern U.S. at Arora Engineers, notes that the station has building-wide emergency backup power for 72 hours and the ability to run for a week during an extended outage.ex-cell.com | service@ex-cell.com | (847) 451-0451AirportImprovement.comOctober 2022'