b'The design team also worked with the city and airport to implement Net Zero Ready Building strategies, including the use of zero carbon energy and all-electric equipment and appliances.The facility uses bioswales with indigenous plants for stormwater treatment; reclaimed water is used for irrigation. Designers specified LED lighting and Energy Star appliances throughout the station. Low-flow plumbing fixtures are expected to help reduce water use by 38% from the building code baseline. All windows are dual-paned with low-emissivity glass, and the structure is topped with cool roofing membrane, which absorbs less solar heat. The building also includes charging stations for electric vehicles. Delpatch Elastomeric ConcreteMechanical features include a variablePrimary Applications:refrigerant flow system with a heat pump to allow for energy recovery between buildingPartial Depth Spall Repair | Airfield Lighting Retrofitzones, and each zone has a thermostat to PermanentEasy allow set point adjustments of the system. SafeFast Door switches monitored by the building FlexibleChemical Resistantautomation system enable the ducted fan coil DurableCost Effectiveunits in the apparatus bay to automatically shut off whenever the overhead doors are open.A direct digital automatic system allows theWe Have a New Website! airport facility team to monitor and control theCheck us out at dsbrown.commechanical, plumbing and electrical systems through a web interface.Beyond the sustainable design, the projectDelastic Preformed Pavement Sealsteam sourced local labor and materials as much as possible. Overaa and the teams hired local subcontractors, including several disadvantaged business enterprises. Concrete, piping and construction-specific products came from Bay Area suppliers.Station 20 features all-electric energy usage except an emergency generator, which has a diesel fuel tank to comply with the requirements of the Essential Services Act. The whole facility is also set up to allow connection to photovoltaics if SJC builds a solar farm in the future.Meets FAA P604 ASTM D 2628 & CRD-C 548 The building uses electric heat pumptype Longest Lasting Joint Sealhot water heaters that are generally moreJet Fuel and Waterblast Resistantefficient and sustainable than traditional gas water heaters. Theres a condensing unit Keeps FOD and Moisture out of the joints component to it, which needs ground heat Reduces Faulting from the surrounding Reduces Joint Spalling environment. So in the winter, it is not as efficient as in the summer, explains Marcus Tam, senior mechanical engineer atdsbrown.com | 419-257-3561 | Arora Engineers.MARCUS TAMAirportImprovement.comOctober 2022'