b'18 JAC RUNWAYSCustom Drains A specially made slotted drain system is one of the new runways standout components. In short, the airport wanted high-performance drains that would capture pavement surface runoff along the runway, and send it to an airport detention and filtration system. The drains also had to stand up to snow removal equipment in The new runway includes a the winter.custom made slotted drain The project team selected a Contech system to capture runoff.system with polymer-coated steel pipes because it met JACs hydraulic, structural and durability needs. Bob Moore, region engineer for Contech, notes that piping for the system had to be highly REGENERATIVE AIR SWEEPERSdurable to withstand the rough climate in Jackson Hole. It also is composed For a Deeper Clean of 95% recycled steel, which pleased airport officials who wanted to be as environmentally responsible as possible, he adds, noting that the pipe is designed to last 100 years.Before beginning production, Contech wanted to make sure that everyone agreed about the composition. Representatives from Jviation and Knife River traveled to the companys factory in Mitchell, IN, to oversee design and construction, as well as Contechs quality control program. The on-site project reps agreed to the construction standards, but still wanted to test a sample of the Photo courtesy of Meridian Regional Airport new system at the airport before giving Contech the green light to produce and ship the 29,000 feet of piping needed for ROUTINE CLEANING OF RAMP, RUNWAY, & ROADS the project.Removes FOD that can hide in cracks & crevicesThe company consequently produced a test strip about 2,000 feet long, and Model 600 HSP Options asked Jviation and Knife River personnel for input when they came to tour the Chassis Mounted Magnet removesLiquid Recovery System removescompanys plant. The project reps ferrous metals at sweeping speedsand recovers standing liquids, suchsuggested a few minor tweaks about the up to 25 miles per hour. as glycol. connecting bands and requested shorter Lateral Air Flow Nozzle clearsRunway Sweeper, High Speedpieces of pipe for the project. Contechdebris, such as sand, grass andPerformance. incorporated these suggestions and snow from runways and taxiways. shipped the sample pipe to the airport. As planned, Knife River installed the test pipe at JAC in fall 2021. That winter, airport staff plowed snow near the sample piece, and project managers agreed that the pipe worked as promised. Contech promptly ramped up production and shipped the large run of FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 800.258.9626|TYMCO.COM pipes to the airport in early 2022. October 2022AirportImprovement.com'