b'RUNWAYS CMD 61after year, taxiways were rehabilitated, connectors were rebuilt, land was cleared, and a new concrete apron was constructedall in lockstep with the prescriptive, prioritized design plan.The rebuilt north/south runway, which was debuted in late January 2022, was the final piece of movement area pavement that needed to be addressed. Given its condition, the project team opted for a full-depth reclamation, which pulverizes and blends the existing pavement structure with cement to create a stabilized base for the new buildup.We basically dug it up, mixed it up, and put it back down so that we didnt have to haul off a lot of material, explains Hobbs. We didnt have to bring in new base, and reused the material that was on site.Harrison notes that pre-construction analysis drove the decision for full-depth reclamation. The core samples really told the story and gave us a good roadmap of how we needed to move forward, he explains. The runway was built in several phases, and there was quite a bit of pavement buildup in three different sections, Hobbs adds. So what we designed completely reconstructed the entire thing.With input from the Alabama Department of Transportation and guidance from the FAA, the airport leveraged the expertise of Goodwyn Mills Cawood to develop a plan to overhaul the airfield in a highly prioritized manner.Above & BeyondAviation Consulting ServicesSolutions on ApproachNatalie Hobbs, a senior aviation engineer Were more than consultants. Our team of planners, engineers, at Goodwyn Mills Cawood, led the efforts architects and environmental specialists includes pilots, aircraft at CMD.owners, former airport managers, aviation professors, former base commanders, UAS operators, aviation writers and former FAA grant There were a lot of different priorities, butmanagers, all investing in your success from landside to airside. We in 2014, we decided to go back and makeapproach every project with an Airport First mindset, and utilize sure that all of the infrastructure that theyour diverse and extensive experience working with general aviation currently had was in good shape, because aand commercial airports to serve as your trusted partner in airport NATALIE HOBBS development. lot of it was really aging and showing some fatigue signs that were going to make the project take longer, Hobbs explains. We knew if we put it off, it was going to be more expensive to rehabilitate. The engineering firm drew up an updated Airport Layout Planwww.gmcnetwork.comthat was quickly implemented. Phase after phase, and year AirportImprovement.comOctober 2022'