b'30 SJC EMERGENCY RESPONSEto help move things along, Setoudeh says. We were pretty openmanagement found that the design-build project delivery method and honest in trying to eliminate any potential impacts as soon ashelped partnerships flourish among stakeholders. Input from each possible.other was critical to the needs of the facility, Ross notes. Preplanning as early as possible was important, Setoudeh adds. Lessons and Advice She also emphasizes the importance of understanding airport Speaking from the airports perspective, Ross says that the projectterminology and SJCs specific end goal and existing pain points. I team addressed issues and challenges in open discussions. Moreover,can genuinely say everyone really worked collaboratively to identify issues were escalated for proper decision-making in a timely mannerand solve problems with the resources that we had, she reflects. and the teams held each other accountable to their commitments, she adds. Because the new station is a hybrid facility with multipleAn FAA spokesperson says that airports considering a hybrid funding sources applied to specific portions of the building, it wasARFF facility are encouraged to reach out to their local FAA very important to account for and track materials and labor. AirportAirports Division and discuss the proposal early in the planning stages.Deputy Fire Chief Freyler hopes other cities will mimic the hybrid station concept, as this project saved San Jos by adding square footage to the new ARFF facility instead of building a separate community station to help cover a growing area of the city. Its also a benefit for the airport, he adds. The more staff we have there to deal with what could be a major emergency, the better.From a design and engineering standpoint, Paige highlights the importance of input from ARFF crews and SJFD personnel. That cooperation and coordination was very important to the success of the project, he says. Wong notes that stakeholder engagement was critical, given the aggressive pace of the C project and the large number of stakeholders M to keep informed. Taking the time to step away from the daily work and meet face-Y to-face, even if virtually at times, gave the CM project team the chance to ensure we were MY listening and addressing all project issues and CY concerns, she remarks. This ultimately led to the design-build team delivering a project that CMY responded to the needs of all end users, from K the firefighters to airport security, and city and airport executive teams. she remarks.April 25 - 28, 2023Mar notes that the collaborative structure Seattle, WA of the design-build delivery model helped Sheraton Grand tremendously. The partnering process allowed us to really have a project first attitude, she explains. There were no instances where protecting ones own interest came first.The teams were always looking for the ACI-NAs Airports@Work Conference brings togetherbest way forward for the project, Mar adds. the most complex facets of airport operationssafety,Overall, it was a great collaboration between security, environment, technology, and technical affairsdesign-build team and the leadership at SJC, for a collaborative discussion about todays challengesthe SJFD and the city of San Jos. and tomorrows opportunities.October 2022AirportImprovement.com'