b'48 PHL ENVIRONMENTALand will switching from asphalt to concrete improve that? Sort of like rehabilitating an old building, here were updating geometry to meet the airports near-term needs and long-range goals.JMT is the engineering firm leading design services for the crucial project. The design process began in January 2022 and is expected to continue through the end of the year. Plans are to bid the project in early 2023, and construction is slated to begin in spring 2024. Senior Associate Darren DAchille, PE, is managing the project for JMT. Like his client, he finds a thrill in the day-to-day work.The eastern-most portion of the Taxiway SAn airport is like a small city, says DAchille, who hasDARREN DACHILLEReconstructionPackage 1 project at PHL. been in civil engineering for 15 years and focused on aviation design and construction throughout his career. My work touches all aspects of airport engineering from surfaces and safety to electrical and lighting. Intertwining infrastructure with the movement of these massive airplanes in a fast-paced environment makes it very exciting work.JMTs aviation credentials include an on-call contract for civil engineering services with PHL. DAchille notes that Taxiway S consists of nearly 16,000 linear feet of pavement and currently runs directly parallel to two primary runways at PHL. Approximately 4,000 linear feet of Taxiway S is planned for reconstruction in the first phase of construction. The plan calls for adjusting the geometry to meet current FAA design standards, along with upgrades to lighting, signage, grading and drainagebasically everything associated with the taxiway and The western-most portion of the Taxiway Ssurrounding infield, he remarks. Fortunately, the way we have it designed to this ReconstructionPackage 1 project at PHL. point, there appears to be minimal impacts to airport operations while the work is under construction for all of 2024 and a portion of 2025.Regarding the impact of Envision on the design, DAchille describes most of its requirements/criteria as more practical than radical. Envision helps get a team extremely organized and brings everyone to the table to find ways within the project to cost-effectively reduce resources, he explains. In addition to the credit-based project evaluation system, the framework also offers personnel credentialing. JMT, for instance, has seven Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SPs) on staff throughout the company. PHL has five as well. In general, ENV SPs Next Generationare considered subject matter experts in sustainable and resilient civil infrastructure.Parking Guidance DAchille cites material sourcing/usage as an example of reducing resources. Traditionally, in designing a pavement section, we would A smart parking ecosystem designed to elevate your CX,specify engineered materials brought from off site, he explains. Envision is asking us maximize efficiency, enhance security, and increase revenue. to reuse materials, like recycled asphalt and Visit us at the 94th Annual AAAE Conference in booth #227concrete, taken from on-site sources to create the pavement base layers. These are things we have done in the past, but the certification 125 Commerce Court, Suite 11, Cheshire, CT 06410, USAprocess brings opportunities like this into focus +1 203.220.6544 | parkassist.comduring team collaborations.There are many environmental and economic advantages, and seemingly little downside, October 2022AirportImprovement.com'