b'16 JAC RUNWAYSAdjusting Between PhasesHe also worked to clarify specific details about the project, Chris Boniface, project manager for Knifeknowing there would be no time to wait for answers from River, reports that the first phase wentengineers or FAA personnel during the 78-day closure. Jviation smoothly and proved to be invaluable forwas a true partner on working through these items ahead of planning Phase Two, when the runway wouldtime, Boniface remarks.close the following spring.In fall 2021, after Phase One was complete, Boniface I spent the winter of 2021-2022 reviewing alldeveloped a comprehensive schedule for the 78-day timetable. details in the engineering plan and constructionCHRIS BONIFACE The detailed plan was broken down between day and night shifts documents, ensuring that the proper materials(12-hour blocks) and each activity by the hour. Every crew and the were submitted/approved and procured ahead of the full closure,equipment they would use were identified to ensure appropriate Boniface recalls. Every detail was carefully scrutinized. resources were ready. In the months leading up Phase Two, Boniface worked with Jviation and project subcontractors to review and modify the resource-loaded Critical Path Method schedule until he was satisfied that the team was properly prepared for the daily workload. The schedule was intentionally front-We take your aviation project to new heights loaded, to provide additional float time for near-critical activities. This proved to be absolutely critical as Jackson Hole experienced some of its worst spring weather on record.During Phase One, Knife River had worked with its quality control staff and Jviation to excavate seven test pits, which allowed them to engineer a mix design in advance. Being that a mix design for FDR (full-depth reclamation) can take more than three weeks to complete, this was an integral part of our ability to be complete on time during Phase Two, explains Boniface.Knife River mobilized about 120 pieces of equipment during the first phase. Some pieces, such as a large bucket loader, haul trucks and mobile asphalt and concrete Midfield Satellite Concourse Project, LAX plants, required special permits and police escorts to travel through the city to the airport.Our expertise includes scalable landside and airside solutionsTo kick off the reconstruction, subcontractor from minor runway pavement maintenance to major airportPorter W. Yett roto-milled the existing runway upgrades for the largest airports in North America. and repurposed it as full-depth reclamation material to be used in the structural section for the new runway. Knife River used seven haul Landside Operations Airside Operations trucks to temporarily stockpile the material Passenger Terminals Taxiways Construction + Rehabilitation next to the runway. Terminal Access Runways Construction + Rehabilitation Crews installed a layer of the repurposed material, which was then chemically Utilities Aprons + Fuel Systems treated with asphalt and cement in place Roadway Construction Airport Hangars by a pulverizer to provide the structural Bridge Construction Automated People Movers characteristics required by the project contract. Security + Badging Security + BadgingUnfortunately, workers had to contend with one of the snowiest, wettest and coldest graniteconstruction.com springs on record for Jackson Hole. We really put our heads down and just worked through it, Boniface recalls. October 2022AirportImprovement.com'