b'22 Hybrid Fire Station at San Jos Intl SJC EMERGENCY RESPONSEProvides Emergency Services forAirport and Surrounding AreaBY KRISTEN RINDFLEISCHPHOTO: RUSSELL ABRAHAMFACTS&FIGURES Project: New Fire StationDesign: Hybrid building with facilities for ARFF, landside & community responseAfter nearly 60 years with the sameThe airport secured FAA approval to build Location: Norman Y. Mineta San Jose (CA) Intlfire station, Norman Y. Mineta Sana non-traditional hybrid ARFF facility with AirportJos International Airport (SJC)five airside bays and one landside bay. The Size: 18,300 sq. ft. needed new facilities for its aircraft rescueFAA refers to these type of hybrid facilities as Cost: $28.2 million and firefighting (ARFF) operations. The $28.2combination stations. An FAA spokesperson Funding for ARFF Portion: $18.2 FAA Airportmillion station SJC completed earlier thisnotes that when local authorities propose this Improvement Program grant; $4.2 million from SJC year did that in spades and also improvedtype of facility, FAA works with the airport to Funding for Landside Portion: $4.6 millionemergency support for the landside terminalsensure that construction and operation meet from citys general fund & $1.2 million Measure Tand SJCs neighboring community.federal guidelines.fundsThe original Fire Station 20, built in 1963,The FAAs primary concern at SJC was Construction: Aug. 2020Feb. 2022 was requiring costly repairs and would haveensuring that the station capabilities met the General Contractor & Design-Build Partner:needed significant structural and technologyairports obligation to respond to commercial Overaa Construction upgrades to continue being used. So SJCaircraft emergencies, as required by Part Design Architect: MarJang Architecture began plans for a new station on a new139 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Architect of Record: Ten Over Studio site on the west side of the airfield. DuringOnce the airport addressed that concern, Basis of Design Mechanical & Firethe design phase of the project, San Josthe FAA had to determine the prorated cost Protection Engineering: Glumac Mayor Sam Liccardo was looking forof the station that serves the airport versus Electrical & Plumbing Engineering: Aroraadditional fire resources to serve the areathe surrounding community. Only parts of Engineers developing just west of the airport andthe building that serve the airport are eligible Structural Engineering: Biggs Cardosa challenged SJC to combine a landsidefor FAA grants. Review is conducted in Civil & Traffic Engineering: BKF Engineers facility with its new ARFF station. Previously,accordance with FAA Order 5100.38D.responding to calls near the new facility putOverall, the new Fire Station 20 has Special Systems: Smith, Fause & McDonald Inc. city firefighting crews at the extreme far end Geotechnical Engineering: Haley & Aldrich of their district, making it difficult to meet18,300 square feet of space. SJC Assistant Director of Aviation Judy Ross notes that Partnering Firm: OrgMetrics LLC their desired eight-minute response timethe airport created a new facility with the Key Components: 5 airside bays & 1 landsideand causing a domino effect that pulledlatest technology and equipment to keep bay; 10 dorm rooms; conference/training rooms; watchfirefighters from other areas throughout thepassengers safe and meet the demands room; exercise room; kitchen; laundry room; day room city to provide backup. October 2022AirportImprovement.com'