b'THE NEXT BIG SHIFT IN AIRFIELD MANAGEMENT TAKES OFF WITH AIRFIELD 4.0OurAXON EQintelligent inset lights include built-in sensors to capture data essential to making airport operations more streamlined and predictive.LINC 360is a high bandwidth bidirectional power line communication system that facilitates two-way data transmission, creating a data-driven future. LINC Nodeforms the second leg of the ADB SAFEGATE connectivity strategy. It connects smart airfield assets to the cloud providing real-time monitoring from any place on any device. TheseAirfield 4.0building blocks harness smart Industry 4.0 technologies to revolutionize airfield operations and enable real-time, data-driven decision making. AXON EQLINC 360 LINC NodePinpoints service andAllows upstreaming of data5G connectivity to the maintenance needsand interconnectivity cloudProvides greater controlGoes beyond existingAlarm and warning under challengingindividual light control andnotifications pushed from conditionsmonitoring systems the cloud to mobile devices adbsafegate.com'