b'10 PDX TERMINALSthe Hoffman Skanska and ZGF teams included KPFF Consulting Engineers for structural engineering, Arup as an aviation planning consultant, Swinerton as the mass timber contractor, and PAE Engineers for mechanical and electrical engineering. The teams worked with Sustainable Northwest Wood as wood advisors. Mass timber fabricators on the project included Calvert, Freres, Timberlab and Zip-O-Laminators. Structural steel components were fabricated by W&W AFCO Steel and erected by Derr & Gruenewald with Mammoet contracted as the heavy lift partner to move the new roof pieces into place.Not Your Typical Roof The Port wanted to make a statement to reflect its pride in the Pacific Northwest, so when discussions began about design concepts and materials for the roof, the project team focused on local, natural resources. The roof also had to be seismically isolated as an independent structure, so a lightweight material was needed. The final design allows the roof to move 22 inches in any direction in the event of an earthquake.The Port and design teams took special care considering resources for materials. It was almost looking at what we have locally and using the airport as a toolto bridge economies, bridge beliefs and bind the society both culturally and economically, remarks Gene Sandoval, November | December 2022AirportImprovement.com'