b'SECURITYPHX 65touchscreens on IDEMIA credentialAdditionally, PHX posted information authentication technology (CAT) nowabout the new program on its website andMobile ID Fieldinclude a digital tap or scan option inon social media channels to encourageAssessment Sitesaddition to the usual prompts aboutpassengers to use the feature. Marketing inserting passports and traditionalpersonnel also penned pieces for local Baltimore/Washington Intl*identification cards.publications and conducted internal Dallas Fort Worth Intl*communication pushes to educate Gulfport Biloxi IntlPrivacy and PR employees. Harry Reid IntlThe Mobile ID initiative at PHX and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intlelsewhere builds on the existing technologyOngoing Workof CAT readers, which are in place at 120Kevin Schutzenhofer, Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers Intlairports nationwide. Hence IDEMIAs namethe TSA stakeholder Miami Intlfor the program: CAT 2. manager at PHX, Norman Y. Mineta San Jose IntlJessie Hillenbrand,is optimistic about Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl IDEMIAs seniorhow the assessmentKEVIN SCHUTZENHOFERRonald Reagan director of federalprogram is progressing.Washington Nationalmarketing, describesWhile we are not yet prepared to comment* using an app created by American Airlines the enhancement thisspecifically on any findings, preliminary way: CAT 2 performsresults from the evaluation period arestreamline air travel while enhancing security a 1:1 face match,positive, he says.effectiveness, says Schutzenhofer. which confirms thatJESSIE HILLENBRAND Technicians are compiling and analyzingIn a broader sense, mobile ID technology a live photo of theperformance data, including the numbercould be a key step toward creating a traveler matches the printed or electronicof passengers who are adopting the newcompletely digital airport experience, or at photo from their supplied credential and afeature. Development continues alongleast something close to it. But making the digital identification.several parameters, including efforts withmost of the concept requires a range of The face match feature makes thestakeholders to ensure that the technologystakeholders. The full use and acceptance identity verification and validation processand passenger enrollments align witheases friction for the traveler, says touchless and more secure, addsleading standards and processes forHillenbrand. If a traveler has to shift about Hillenbrand. identity assurance, Schutzenhoferfrom purse, pocket, wallet and phone explains.to get to the next step, these points of Theres also the important matter ofFor PHX and TSA alike, it largely boilsfriction can slow down the exciting journey protecting users privacya point TSA,down to the passengers. TSA is layingfeatures that are possible from mobile ID, PHX, Apple and IDEMIA all emphasize.the groundwork with the Department ofand potentially create a lag in adoption. Privacy and security are cornerstones of an effective digital identity plan, saysHomeland Security, industry partners andHillenbrand advises airports and Hillenbrand. Its important that the Mobileother stakeholders to ensure that digitalauthorities interested in Mobile ID to work ID holder not be asked to relinquish theiridentity plays a role in, and facilitates, ancollaboratively and periodically check with mobile devices as part of the normal travel- improved passenger experience, saysand update their partners. Consider how related processes.Schutzenhofer. These partnerships will beyour teams, your partners and the public use critical in helping us develop scalable andtheir identity across the travel journey, she Further, CAT does not retain passengermature solutions for wider use. says, noting that the journey can transform information, she adds. And passengersAlthough there is no specific timeframe,into a reservation-to-destination experience uncomfortable with the new technology canTSA plans to release information aboutthat also includes hotels, rental car still use traditional identification cards.additional airports, states and partnersoperations, airside deliveries and more. As Given all that, Hillenbrand encouragesworking to authenticate other compliantthe technology becomes more ubiquitous, all stakeholders to clearly communicate howdigital IDs.parts will want to embrace the ease a mobile the new option ensures privacy and is aID provides and how it reduces friction and benefit. PHX has specifically worked toRecommendations speeds the entire journey.be proactive about communicating to theThe more convenient, seamless andFrom the airports perspective, Makovsky public and airport employees about Mobilesecure a new technology is, the soonersees the new technology as one more way ID. For example, the airport, Phoenixlarge numbers of passengers will useto improve the passenger experience. We Mayor Kate Gallego and TSA held a newsit. Participants in the PHX programare always looking for ways to provide a conference in March 2022 to launch andrecommend several things to help makemore efficient, empowered and seamless demonstrate the new technology. All localthat happen. TSA encourages stakeholdersexperience for our travelers, he says. With media outlets covered the launch, andin the aviation industry to make theMobile ID, officials at PHX are testing a we received local and national coverage,necessary investments and coordinatenew way to do just that. reports Shelbrack. with TSA as appropriate in order to AirportImprovement.comNovember | December 2022'