b'TERMINALSFLL 55PHOTO: MICHAEL ROBINSON COURTESY OF HNTBterminal remained fully operational.the ramp level and 15,000 square feet on Updating the 1980s building requiredthe concourse. creative structural engineering toRaising the roof and adding aFACTS&FIGURES accommodate vertical expansion andmezzanine enabled the airport toProject: Terminal Expansion/Renovationcreate a brighter, airier space.reconfigure much of its concourse levelLocation: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Intl Airportand achieve the primary objective of Tight Squeezecreating a more functional space.Key Components: 34,000 additional sq. ft., including 45-foot The primary challenge of expandingvertical expansion in new airside court; relocating & expanding Terminal 2 was its constrained location,On the ramp level, project designerssecurity checkpoint; expanding & updating holdrooms, restrooms removed dead-end hallways, making the& airside concessions; new Delta Sky Club & mezzanine; with Terminal 1 to the east, Terminal 3reinforcing columns & foundation pilesto the west and the airfield to the north.space more functional for airlines, tenants and FLL departments with offices there.Cost: $153 millionWithout adequate space to expandFunding: Broward County Aviation Dept. bondshorizontally, project designers at GreshamThe redesign even created about 5,500 Smith proposed a vertical expansion. square feet of additional leasable space.Design: 2014The strategy that was approved andBen Goebel,Construction: 2018-Sept. 2022executed raised the roof of Terminal 2 byproject executiveProject Management, Architecture, Interior34 feet, to a new height of 73 feet. Thiswith Gresham Smith,Design, Structural Engineering, Environmental notes that terminalGraphics & Wayfinding: Gresham Smithcreated a 45-foot clear-span ceiling insideoccupants marveledConstruction: Turner Construction and room for a mezzanine level of about 7,500 square feet. In total, the projectat the amount ofEnvironmental Certification: LEED Silver added 34,000 square feet to the terminal,new space when theKey Benefits: Accommodating years of passenger volume including 12,000 square feet of space onconstruction wallsBEN GOEBEL increases; improved passenger flow; enhanced customer experienceAirportImprovement.comNovember | December 2022'