b'Townson highlights the advantage of building a multi-use facility, like BDLs. It incorporates public parking, ground transportation features, along with rental car needs, and mixes it all right at the doorstep of the terminal, he explains. Its walkable, expandable and built into the master plan toReduce Travelers expand and change with the airports needs.St. Lawrence says the design-buildTime to Park delivery method saved time by bringing design and trade contractors together with the client from the onset. For example, theby up to 63%team was able to identify early on the need for the make-ready work of relocating the egress points for the existing garage. And that work got underway while the design was still developing and designing the main project, he explains. Having the precast subcontractor and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades work hand-in-hand with the design engineers was also beneficial. Id estimate that this project, if delivered in a traditional state design-bid-build process, would have taken eight to 10 years to complete, St. Lawrence remarks. We turned it over in three years from the issuance of the formal notice to proceed with design and construction.Working with seasoned partners, some with airport experience and others with local knowledge, also proved helpful, St. Lawrence adds.Travelers quickly find open parking spacesLooking Ahead via the bright red and green color-coded LED lightsAs this year draws to a close, BDL is Operators maximize revenue by increasing preparing to undertake two additionalgarage utilizationlarge infrastructure projects. The first will add two small extensions on either end Customer safety is enhanced with crisp of the terminal to improve passengerviews between spacescirculation. Currently, all passengers use one checkpoint, which is also where the exit is. The new extensions will allow passengers toParking is the first and last touchpoint for travelers.come out of the concourse and exit at theExtend your superior customer service to the parkingend of the facility.garage with a custom designed, smart parking ecosystem. For covered and uncovered parking areas, TKH SecuritysThe second project is a four-storyAutomated Parking Guidance System has the mostbuilding with an inline checked bagtechnologically-advanced smart-sensors available in the screening system on the first level. Themarket, monitoring up to six parking spaces per sensor.second level will have space for future gates and holdrooms, and the third level will be a mezzanine. When this new building is complete, the Airport Authority will remove all bag screening machines from BDLs main terminal.203.220.6544 | parkassist.comAirportImprovement.comNovember | December 2022'