b'64 PHX SECURITYPhoenix Sky Harbor Pioneers FieldAssessment of TSA Mobile IDBY SCOTT BERMANIn the current digital landscape, newpilot, which is drawing interest from passengers technologies and applications thatand other airports. No timetable yet for a final potentially apply to airports changeprogram or for what form and procedures may rapidly. But despite the pace and complexity ofultimately be established, but the pilot is a such changes, the need for convenience andsignificant step.security remains the same.Nine other airports are also evaluating Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airportthe advantages and possible disadvantages (PHX) is balancing these challenging factors byof Mobile ID during TSAs field assessment implementing Mobile ID, a program that allowspilot. (See box on opposite page for list of Arizona residents with TSA Pre- PreCheckparticipants.) In addition, Apple is reportedly status to load their state-issued identificationworking with 13 states on Apple Wallet Mobile information onto their mobile phone or throughID initiatives, possibly paving the way toward Apple Wallet for use at TSA checkpoints. Its allmore airports offering the feature to passengers.part of a TSA field assessment pilot program,Makovsky notes that personnel at PHX and PHX led the way when it became the firstfind it gratifying to be early adopters of the U.S. airport to adopt Mobile ID in March 2022.technology. We are pleased that Phoenix Sky Mobile ID easesHarbor was the first airport in the country to the process of sharingoffer this innovation to travelers, he remarks. necessary documentation,There is no cost for making the travelPHX to participate in the experience easier, all while FACTS&FIGURESenhancing security andassessment program, and the airport didnt Project: Mobile ID Assessment Pilotprivacy, explains Chadhire outside consultants Location: Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl AirportMakovsky, director ofCHAD MAKOVSKY to assist with the 2021 Passenger Volume: 38.8 million Aviation Services at PHX.initiative. It is, however, Instead of taking out their drivers licenserequiring a strong andHEATHER SHELBRACKTerminals: 2 and showing it to the TSA officer, customers trusted partnership Gates: 117 can now securely share and authenticate theirbetween all the stakeholders, notes Heather Airline Tenants: 20 digital Arizona identification on their AppleShelbrack, the airports Communications Pilot Began: March 2022 phone or watch using Apple Wallet.and Outreach administrator. While the TSA Key Stakeholders: Airport; TSA; Apple; AZEliminating a physical point of contact isled program development, the airport served Dept. of Transportation another major benefit for COVID-consciousin a supporting role to ensure necessary Credential Authentication Technologypassengers and TSA officers.procedures were in place to support the Readers: IDEMIAPersonnel at PHX are working withinitiative, she explains.Key Benefit: Increased convenience forTSA, Apple and Arizonas Department ofIt all comes together for passengers passengers with TSA Pre-Check status andTransportation Motor Vehicle Division on theinside the airports two terminals, where Apple phones and/or watchesNovember | December 2022AirportImprovement.com'