b'38 BDLPASSENGER TRANSPORT who reviewed the precast fabrication at the suppliers plant,The states Department of Transportation managed the initial Blakeslees own quality control process and additional reviews byinfrastructure work for a roadway realignment project before Austin Commercials quality control team. turning the site over to the Airport Authority for the new ground Construction was able to proceed more efficiently thantransportation center. The only remaining mitigation work needed originally planned thanks to significant decreases in passengerwas demolition and removal of the original vehicle bridge, which traffic during erection due to the pandemic. Crews completeddated back to the initial airport construction, St. Lawrence roadway work and utility connections while traffic was unusuallyexplains. Our remediation work also included removal of the lead low at the airport.paint on the steel bridgework.No environmental mitigation was needed for the groundCoordinating FAA permits for crane usage was a key driver of transportation center project because that was taken care ofthe planning and scheduling process. KBE started the application during an enabling project the Airport Authority completed.during the design phase, and Blakeslee developed a plan detailing the 20+ crane locations, with a schedule for each location. Minimal changes to the erection plan were LD-10 needed, thanks to the expedited schedule driven by pandemic-related decreases in passenger traffic. St. Lawrence notes that the crane permitting process can typically take four months or longer. This project received needed approvals in within three months of LIQUIDSDISPOSALUNIT final application and allowed the team to start precast erection in May 2020.Federal and state OSHA personnel selected the project for an OSHA Safety Training PartnershipKBEs seventh such effort, St. Lawrence notes. KBE, OSHA and CONN-OSHA combined forces to set a standard that will inspire construction companies around the country to voluntarily take steps to improve their own safety practices, instead of waiting for the government to get involved when a situation becomes too dangerous, he explains. Sustainability Efforts and BenefitsAlthough the design-build team did not seek LEED certification for this project, it met all local and state sustainability requirements. Were seeing that more and more, Locke comments. Cities and municipalities adopt sustainability requirements in their codes that amount to the same building that would be LEED accredited. Beyond the elimination of shuttle buses and the addition of EV chargers, the project added behind-the-scenes sustainability measures as well. Rental companies use environmentally friendly products to wash their vehicles while 85% of the water used is reclaimed from previous cycles. Sustainability is always at the forefront of what we incorporate into our designs, Townson remarks. Water is reclaimed after each wash cycle, cleaned through a series of settling tanks, then reused in subsequent cycles to produce clean cars for the renting customers.ex-cell.com | service@ex-cell.com | (847) 451-0451November | December 2022AirportImprovement.com'