b'12 PDX TERMINALSHoffman Skanska JV personnel note that they used a uniqueThe Big Movecontracting strategy to ensure detailed coordination andThe roof is now being separated into 20 massive cassettes, each cohesive installation among all subcontractors involved in theof which will be moved to the terminal at night with Mammoet Self-many components of the roof. The wood beams sit in steelPropelled Modular Transporters. The largest cassette weighs in at a girders, and the Swinerton team worked hand-in-hand with thehefty 1.275 million pounds and measures 236 by 155 feet.steel contractor, W&W AFCO Steel. It was really cool to see carpenters and steel erectors working together productively andHoffman Skanska is managing the effort with subcontractors working together as one team, Revay notes. The last 80-footW&W AFCO, Derr & Gruenewald and Mammoet. The move glulam beam was placed in March 2022. Then, the roof wasbegan in September and is expected to take a few months. While assembled on site complete with conduit and wiring, HVAC,moving a cassette across the tarmac, the transporters travel at sprinklers and 11,000 acoustical panels to help reduce noise inabout a walking pace. As the transporters creep along, they raise the terminal.the cassette up 55 feet in the air to be placed atop the new Y columns at the terminal using a jack strand system that slides the modular sections into place. The process is quite a sight to see, Revay reports. It looks like a spaceship when you look up and see the sky behind itjust this big monstrous thing moving, like something out of Star Wars. During the cassette moves, team members from all the AVIATION SOLUTIONS contractors associated with the assembly are on site.THAT KEEP PASSENGERSAlmost all of the cassettes are expected to be in place over the terminal by the end MOVING FORWARD . of this year. The two that will be located over the current TSA passenger screening areas will be placed in 2024, after the current From complex hangar facilities and baggage handling systems toTSA checkpoints have moved to their new luxury airline lounges and arrivals services, you can rest easy knowinglocations in the terminal during internal build-that with Swinertons employee-owners behind your aviation project,out, which is planned throughout 2023.peace of mind is built in.Design FeaturesProject engineers chose a hybrid roof structure for its efficient profile and ability to have a large mass timber component. The structure is a combination of steel double girders, glulam beams and mass plywood sheathing, explains Dave Garske, joint venture executiveDAVE GARSKEat Hoffman Skanska Joint Venture. To boost sustainability, 95% of the steel used came from within 25 miles of PDX.The roof itself features 49 skylights in four different styles framed by timber and glulam beams and solid sawn timber. The largest skylight spans 30 feet wide and 80 feet long. The roof is perforated to provide natural Learn more: daylight in about 60% of spaces throughout the facility, and it strategically siphons water to the middle of the building. The shape of the roof was designed to mimic the underbelly of a cloud and also SWINERTON.COMNovember | December 2022AirportImprovement.com'