b'RUNWAYS DFW31Anzai notes that the size of an end-around taxi screenCelestain notes that the entire project team was flexible and depends on runway geometry and the size of the critical aircraftworked together to keep the project moving forward. Cooperation design group operating at a given airport, all outlined in FAAwas particularly important when crews encountered unmarked, AC 150/5300-13B. FAA design equations were used, whichunderground utilities. Everyone worked in concert to make in-incorporate specific factors, including aircraft type, surface grade,the-field decisions, he remarks. Between DFW, stakeholders, the height of the pilots eye at V1, engine nacelle height, etc., Operations, project management and construction management he adds.teams, we all worked really well at making it come to life.At DFW, the end-around taxi screen is located beyond the endEncouraged by the success of the new end-around taxiway of the runway. The structure includes frangible elements, suchand its predeccessor, DFW is currently finishing the design and as multiple breakaway connections in specific areas that arepreparing to begin construction of another on the southwest side designed to strategically break apart in the event of an incursion. of the airport. It showcases our commitment to continued safety and efficiency, Pettyjohn says. Partnerships Prove ValuableGahm says that the partnership with FAA cannot be understated regarding the success of this project and the teams ability to overcome challenges. Any airfield project willWith ADS, youre always impact air traffic controllers, and its important to have cooperation and understanding fromtreated to first class.the beginning, she adds.Like most projects that occurred in 2020 and 2021, the construction schedule for DFWs new end-around taxiway benefited from reduced operations due to COVID-19. On the flip side, the project team encountered employee shortages and supply chain issues. Heavy rainfall and other inclement weather also presented challenges.In addition to supply chain delays, price increases and product availability affected the project. With construction already in motion, Austin Bridge and Road experienced difficulties procuring underdrain materials. It consequently requested and received approval from the engineer to use alternate materialsAdvanced Drainage Systems, Inc. has been a part that met the requiredof over 600 airport projects over the last 4 years. performance criteria. Professionals turn to us for innovative products that JOSHUA HERCHL will get the job done quickly and with less cost.Engineers chose dual-wall high-density polyethylenepipe from Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. to be used for more than 12,000 feet of underdrain along the proposed taxiway. The critical underdrain will ensure that both groundwater and runoff are moved quickly from the taxiway, says Joshua Herchl, director of municipal marketsHP Storm N-12StormTech for Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. adspipe.comThe company was able to ship the neededTo learn more visit800-821-6710materials from two of its plants in Texas,www.adspipe.com/aviationallowing the project to stay on time and within budget, adds Herchl. 2022 Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.10/22 CSAirportImprovement.comNovember | December 2022'